Jumping 720 and Off-The-Wall 720 Advice

I hear you can 720 people on the ground while you’re in the air. How is this done? Just jump and do it? qcb+lp off a wall and then do it? Also if you jump over the person can you do it - I hear that it is also possible but when I try she grabs the opposite direction.

What you’re talking about is a Maki pressure tactic.

What happens is, you do some kind of pressure chain that sets them up to short jump/normal jump any direction (usually away from you), and you tigerknee the 720 and catch them before they leave the ground. It sounds stupid, but alot of people get caught by it. You can also tigerknee the 720 to catch Blanka Balls/Direct Lightnings as well.

As far as landing the 720, your best bets are tick-throws and gimmicky shit. Like running back, mk hopping over your opponent’s head, lp hopping off the wall behind him and 720.

Whats the motion for the tiger knee?
back, down, forward, up, back, down, forward, up+P?

and for the jump behind 720 how is it done? I try doing that but she grabs in the wrong direction.

Jump behind 720… I usually do this when the opponet is in the second player corner/right hand side corner. I jump over them in the corner…and the other guy think’s I am going for the crossup… then when I land, they get grabed by the super. That’s the only “jump behind 720” I know of.
What groove do you play in? I hear most people play Maki in K groove. It’s easier for me to “tiger knee” because I play a non small jump groove. Anyways.
“Tiger knee motion” D.DF.F.UF.U.F(that how I tiger knee her HCF .P throw) to get the 720 super do the same motion as the tiger knee punch throw…and 360 (U.UB.B.DB.D.DF.F.UF.U) after the tiger knee motion and the air 720 should come out.

I use her in P or K - lately I’ve been using her more in P Groove.

Why in P more than K? I been chating with people about Maki I seems that the majority of the people play her in K groove. I been told to give her a try in K groove. Also my good friend who play K say’s" I should play her in P Groove because I play a dashing groove. To some one who play both K/P groove do you see better option for Maki in P than K?
Just wondering?:lame: :slight_smile:

basically like P-Groove better lately. It has nothing to do with character. I know Maki and almost everyone is better in K-Groove. But lately I’ve been using Joystick which I can parry pretty well on while I can’t super very well so its best if I don’t have a time limit on my super.

The jump behind 720 can be done a couple different ways.

You can mix it up, but it basically involves Command Run back, mk hop over thier head to the wall, lp hop down, 720. If they’re in the corner, you can hop to the wall, lk drop right behind them and do it instantly. A more complicated way is to short jump over them, but this requires you to 360 then reverse 360+P because she turns around (if you do it right).

Generally, she’s better in K because the only super that’s really worth a damn is the 720 (even though the kick super is the most damaging, buffering it from a stand rh does HELLA damage), so the Ikari Gauge gives her the extra damage bonus she needs to dish out. Plus, you can abuse the KKK move more, because after JDing shit you get your infinitestimal loss of life back (which is not that big of a deal, but it’s a nice security). P is good because it gives her alot of options, but she still doesn’t build meter real fast and doesn’t do enough damage. Since she is the female in CvS2 with the highest stamina IIRC, it’s better to put her in a Groove that takes advantage of getting nailed too.