Jumping and Crossups

What advice can be offered as far as jumping in with dudley, and does he have any crossup options? I find it hard to jump in on good players…and i’m beginning to just stop trying all together…any advice?

drop that rh or fp on them. If they do shoryuken, work on parrying it.

Empty Jumpins are good too. A very good air-air battle button is mp. It stuffs Ken’s EX Hurricane Kick.

with dudley don’t over do the jump you want it to be a suprise when you do it, esp agaisnt characters who have a really good anti air. i use’t to do it but fuck man just use dudley’s ground pwnage to ur advantage, rh is good in the air as it’s one of the easiest cancels in the game. read the completed dudley thread’s first post it has a good bit on info on all his pokes.

and when u jump don’t commit to an attack to early as that could f you if they do a anti air…wait and see it out and react accordingly…that is a big part of dudley’s game…it comes with time…i’ve learned alot since my join date lol and i’ve learnd
3s is all practic and playing lol.

learn the ranges on his moves too, it makes a world of dif.

um midscreen he can do chun and twins i know, there might be more but i don’t think so and duley can cross up hugo, necro and i think it’s…12 in any corner

can anyone confirm, i can’t find my strategy guide right now!

his pokes that are good in the air are good for cross up. rh can be canceled into super or another rh into ex mgb. there’s a chain u can do but i can’t remember it right now, i usually just do super or the other rh into ex cause i pretty much always have bar with dud’s lol!

does anybody know that jump in chain? i can’t believe i can’t rem. it, i should start using it more i guess.
good luck man

Dudley doesn’t have any jump in chains…
Dudley can’t cross up ANYONE unless it’s some freak of nature accident where the universes collide and results on some fucked up hit boxes(jumping on Elena when she does some shit). Otherwise, never expect one from Dudley. Ground cross ups are shit:tup: Dudley’s jump is great on some characters and not very much so against others. Jumping RH is your best bet, seems no matter when it hits(early, late, whatever) you’re gonna be able to combo after it. Otherwise, just be patient and look for your openings. Use ducking, and f+mk/f+mp, just try to get in and knock them down or tag them with hk for an ex mgb. If you’ve practiced enough, once you knock them down, you should fuck them up royally at least half of the time.

Jump MP vs. shotos, stuffs ex-air hurricane
Jump HP vs all other air-to-air
Jump HK if they are grounded, very very easy to combo (so is HP, i feel this is easier, I don’t know why)

Just my opinion

Ok, i’m tryin the jump in round house, its not working, when would be the best times to use it. I’m having major trouble with ken also, he always outpokes me with his goddamn long kick and crouching long kick, then to throw me off more, he’ll s. rh me, which deals crazy damage. Should i look for the crouching strong to super?

Ken is hard to out-poke. I find myself doing a lot of empty jump-ins or jump + early roundhouse (it stays out forever and you can directly connect a super if it lands). Empty jump-ins are good mindgames. You can throw or mix it up with his backswing blow (keep em guessing). Jump + early roundhouse will sometimes trade hits with shoryuken.