Jumping and crouching


so like 99% of the people i face just sit there n crouch and all my attacks basically miss or they are constantly jumping back n forth and i can even like do anything -_- is there away around this or do i have to become a shithead to beat a shithead


sitting in crouch = throw them

jumping all around = anti-air them

If they just keep jumping back, walk them into the corner


Don’t use attacks that miss.


Use attacks that hit crouching opponent. Throw them or do an overhead if they are constantly holding downback.


its not as easy as you say, the amount of bs on online is insane. they just sit there and crouching pressing D1 and when u come in they just annti air u. i just dont get this game at all


Well, I don’t know what you were expecting. Everything can be defended against, it’s up to you to adapt to whatever they’re doing.


I know it is not as easy, it’s basically like saying “stop getting hit by mixups”.

You basically have to identify the things you have problems with to be able to overcome them. The reason for the short answers are because you are faulting the other players for your inexperience and ignorance(not meant in a bad way), you are still a beginner, it will take time to get a “feel” for the game. What are the bullshit things you speak off? If you give clear examples we can help you better. For instance you are saying your moves whiff, when are they whiffing, what buttons are you pressing, which characters are you using, which characters are they using etc etc. If you are getting anti-aired when you jump, you are too obvious and you have to make them focus on the groundgame, you have to earn your jumpin.

If they are constantly jumping the obvious answer is trying to anti-air them. Do you know what buttons you need to use to anti-air, do you know the ranges those anti-airs will work at?
The constant downback and pressing cr.lp(what is d1 anyway, this isn’t MK) is stopping you from getting closer, then use a more far ranging normal or maybe even a special which is safe-ish etc, experiment in training.
Record the dummy for a few seconds mashing cr.lp and try to counter it with your character and see what works.

Need more info.