Jumping ex tatsu frame data?



Anybody know if Ken gets more frame adv during v trigger?

I find myself being able to hit in front but land behind opponents on block but at Times ken seems to be at a frame disadvantage or it could be lag.

I never got around to truly test it out myself. But imagine if we were able to make it plus on block.

I imagine it would be a good rush down tool if so. It’ll Def make opponents want to stop pressing buttons and look out for it giving us the chance to just walk right in.




so the frame advantage is pretty random. good to know.


Wow thanks alot man! One reason I havn’t even tried to implement kens tatsu to my game yet was because I didn’t know the frame data on it. Other reasons was to improve my ground game.

When I come back to Ken after mastering urien I’ll definitely start adding tatsu to my game finally. Thanks alot.