Jumping from 1 mbps upload speed to 2 mbps.. Will it make a big difference?


Im currently with verizon dsl 10 mbps download, 1 mbps upload, and thats their highest plan for dsl. I cant access fios in my area, but charter is giving me 16-18 mbps download and 2 mbps upload for nearly the same price. Will that jump in the upload speed make the difference between finding more players with better connections on ssf4 and multiplayer gaming in general? I know 5 mbps upload would be a gift from the gods for online play but Im stuck right now with 1 or 2.
Btw, I play on the playstation network.


Well it is doubling your upload, so yeah you will see a difference, but do it for the extra 8mbps down
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Your internet speed makes little difference, unless you’re sharing internet with a bunch of bandwidth hogs, then it might help.

What mostly matters is your ping - the amount of time it takes for a signal to get from your box to your opponent’s box (and back). There isn’t much you can do to fix the fact that you’re living thousands of miles away from your opposition, or that he might be torrenting pornography with his connection.

What you can do is at least optimize your connection on your end - make sure your network is good (i.e. don’t have routers supporting 15+ users if they can’t handle it, your signal strength is strong and stable if you’re on wireless), ports are forwarded to all the right places, you live as close to the ISP as you can manage, if you get fiberoptic then get fiber as close to your desk as possible.

Obviously if you already own a home, rent, or live with family, it’s probably too late to much make a difference, but it’s something to keep in mind when you are shopping for homes.


Extra bandwidth doesn’t help that much. SFIV PC takes up less than 20KBps in bandwidth. I’m pretty sure it’s roughly the same on console.

You’ll see an improvement if your new account runs on a backbone with better infrastructure (fibre is generally better than copper) and/or has better peering with your competition.

eg. Some network backbones route their traffic differently because of business agreements or other constraints, so if your neighbour 2 miles away is on a backbone run by a different company, the traffic might actually get routed through a different state first before it gets to you.

If possible, you should ask for a trial account and test the online games you play most often.


A trial account? That will be a good idea. I doubt cable companies will do that, but I dont lose anything in asking.
Thx for the replys =)


it should make difference with streaming. u can play and upload stream at the same time without see too much, if any ill-effects of lag/stutter during gameplay.