Jumping Headbutt vs. Back+HK

just a quick question that ive been wondering about. what advantages does dhalsim’s headbutt give over the back+HK specifically when doing instant air teleport combos. i see most people open with headbutt and i also noticed that headbutt does 70 dmg vs the kick that does 100. is it a priority thing? doesnt seem to matter much when theyre blockstunned by a yoga fire anyways. anyone that knows why?

Nice question.

Headbutt has two pros:

  • it connects also vs crouched opponents. So you’re sure to hit them if they’re in range. (jb.hk sometimes whiffs)
  • it’s easier to perform bnb, because you simply hold back input

The only con is the damage.

I normally use j.hp (not headbutt) because it has more range and do the same dmg.

ah thanks for that

j.hp : startup frames - 9, active frames - 4, dmg - 70
jb.hp: startup frames - 6, active frames - 8, dmg - 70
jb.hk: startup frames - 7, active frames - 6, dmg - 100

So the headbutt has the frame advantage both in startup and active, but dmg wise the HK wins out. However just the HP is good if you need the range.
Gotta know what situation calls for which :slight_smile:

*Edit - I also feel compelled to add jb.mk: startup frames - 8, active frames - 7, dmg - 60
This attack will also hit a crouching opponent and has more range than the heatbutt

I may be wrong here so I will phrase it as a question.

Doesn’t j.hk link into ultra?

So does j.fierce or j.b.fierce but it’s too difficult and his ultra is too good to even try it. A lot of chars can jump in hard attack to ultra.

jb.mk is perfect against Ryu and other few chars when you do a fireball and IAT (headbutt and j.hp normally whiff in this situation :sad: )

Just as nomadic states here- with B.Fierce you have 1 frame less start up, and 2 frames more active. That might not sound like much, but when you play better players, they will be ready for any IAT, so having that extra frame or 2 could be the difference between the BnB -> Super, ultra mixup and win, or a whiff and a failure.

These tiny details are so sooo so important in the intermediate - higher level.

Always, ALWAYS use b. Fierce, as its the best, and even better than b.MK (however, I find for some F****d up reason, b.MK works best on Ryu (even though the frame data would argue otherwise) but this is due to ryu having a glitched hitbox, which imo, is the equivalent of capcom giving him an extra 150 hp!!! But thats another point for another thread for another day!

many thanks, this all helped alot. can anyone help me understand why in training mode sometimes im getting my yoga flame blocked at the end of this combo? is the fireball necessary for the whole thing to connect? that being said though i have done it without the fireball hit and it connected. confused

Ryu has a strange hitbox, so if you are practising on him, expect it to whiff randomly.

As for the rest of the cast, it should work 100% fine. It’s a bit tricky to pull off at first, but eventually you will get it down 100% without failure, same with short slide into super. Those BnB’s are rediculously easy once you get them down (although adding super to yoga flame online can be a bit tricky)

It’s just practise mate, and you don’t have to hit them with fireball at all no, but you should only ever IAT -> bnb with a fireball, just so the opponent has to 50/50 guess which way to block. People really really hate this combo lol.

btw what does bnb stand for?

bread 'n butter

Also vs Balrog there are some hitbox problems, especially if he’s crouched.

I switched to ALMOST always using j.b.FP instead of j.FP. If they’re outside of the headbutt’s range try to do arms if you can think fast enough or know the setup.

If you’re close to the ground the arms will come out, you’ll see the animation, but it wont’ hit. The headbutt doesn’t seem to have this problem as much, probably due to the shorter startup time.

I got really sick of whiffing that j.HP in important situations.