Jumping Hurricane

I see Jiro jump hurricane a lot. I know its really good if it connects, but its too wild. Why would he do it so much if its essentially just a guess? If it misses you could get punished hard.

Is he just guessing or am i missing something here?

Well, its a good escape move, and works well as a cross up, so its not necessarily always being used as an air to air guess move. Against the twins, you can count on them jumping a lot, and yun can’t punish a blocked one really well. You just have to know who to use it against, and when.

Jiro is wild as fuck. I believe that’s the reason people don’t rank him quite as highly as say Uraken or Yuki. His recklessness is fun to watch but I imagine it costs him a few matches. I think he’s making educated guesses, but they’re guesses nonetheless. I also think he’s trying to control the air and protect himself at the same time.

Yeah, forgot about that. He’s a bit of a showboat which costs him sometimes. He’s good but you are better off trying to learn from other players.

thats one of the things i luv about jiro
he totally plays4fun, always, and he likes flashy games

not like yuki, he plays soooo safe its a little boring to watch (I remember a match against a Q player… OMFG longest match ever soooo slow match)
yuki plays2win

that would be Match. yuki plays matchup like they should be played. i think you have to take a little of every gouki player to be a really good one(Jiro included, even if he is damn wild/foolish), but if you have to learn from only one, it would be yuki.

but seriously, Jiro might be THE showoff gouki, but he is hella creative.

back to the topic:

Jiro does not do jumping tatsus against all chars. you have to know who you can use it against.