Jumping in with light punch



So I’ve seen Chris Hu use this back when he was playing Ryu. Why use this over jumping light kick which can cross up? If I recall correctly in one of the big 2 tournies Chris Hu kept on using this against Dieminion’s Guile. He had him trapped in the corner and threw him then he did a safe jump with light punch but it didn’t hit and Dieminion was able to escape the corner and eventually win the match and the tournament. Wouldn’t it have been better to use light kick for that ambiguous cross up? I’ve also recently seen Jyobin jump in with light punch a lot but he’s retarded and I try not to follow his style.


As far as I know, the purpose of lp is not to cross up; it’s to cause less hit freeze and block stun, so that if the opponent is crouch teching, you can mess up their timing and get a throw in, or maybe a frame trap. It might be better than lk because people are usually looking for the lk crossup, and so they know how to react to it when they see it. j.lk may also cause more blockstun, but don’t take my word for it.


Jumping lp is used for a 50 / 50 mixup. After it, you can follow with close standing roundhouse which can combo into big damage, or you can grab. It’s one of ryu’s “gimmicks”.


Gimmicks? Did I just read correctly?


Yes. It’s a “gimmick”, or a “trick” that can be easily countered. All you need to do is dp or properly tech the throw right after the jumping lp. It’s still practical, but in the sense where you can only use it a few times on the same opponent (who should be unaware of it) haha.


But still. You say Ryu has gimmicks. This is world view shattering XD


He does have gimmicks. Do you want me to list some of ryu’s gimmicks…?

  1. Backthrow, dash once, medium tatsu. It will cross up on an opponent and cannot be avoided (only blocked).
  2. Backhrow, cmp, jumping roundhouse is a very uncommonly used safe jump.
  3. Meaty standing fierce can combo into sweep against Fei Long.
  4. Meaty standing roundhouse beats just about all of Viper’s options on wakeup
  5. After a crumple, or when the opponent is about to be knocked down (both must be in the corner), Ryu can do cmk fadc to sometimes change sides and sometimes stay on the same sides. It’s quite ambigulous at times (although it is very meter consuming as an fadc costs 2 bars).

I wonder if you knew all this. Haha.


I’m a total newbie, so all easyishly executable tidbits are very welcome.


That is not a gimmick, it’s one of Ryu’s best tools to force Viper to block. Of course, if you do it constantly Viper can force a trade with hp tk or even do a wakeup ultra, but both of those are a gigantic risk for Viper. Viper has no reliable answer to meaty cl.hk, so it does not qualify as a gimmick.

I’m not sure if the backthrow safejump setup counts as a gimmick either, though it does make your safejump predictable.


You can’t really do anything to Viper after the meaty standing roundhouse. If you go for a grab or frame trap, then she can just mash on a BK right after she blocks the meaty (though you could do cmp buffer DP to beat that, she can just do an EX Seissmo instead…Viper’s such an *** character…). I call it a gimmick because it simply isn’t as effective as people make it out to be (even though it does beat virtually all her options…all you can really get is just some meter from it). I’m pretty sure that the backthrow safejump counts as a gimmick because I don’t think that you can cross up with it, making it extremely predictable the second time.

You don’t need for worry about these things then. Learn Ryu’s normal setups: Sweep --> Automatic Jumping Roundhouse is safe against 4 frame jumps I think - you can occasionally try it on people with 3 frame jumps because you can do a slight delay, and do a cross up tatsu that beats out their DP. After the immense blockstun of an EX fireball up close, you can dash forward to continue with some pressure in the corner : P. There’s also the classic forward grab, walk back and go for a jumping roundhouse/fierce (hits in the front) / short / forward (crosses up) / strong (hit confirm) / empty (to go for a short after you’ve landed it). Just some basic things to note ^.


When I play good players they always “cross-cut dp” (not sure if thats the correct term) my tatsu. What am I doing wrong. Also how exactly do you perform a crosscut dp? Whenever I’m playing good players they always dp my crossups even when I use jumping light kick they dp it when usually against other players it causes them to dp on the wrong side.


To DP crossups if you do the down-forward, down, down-forward shortcut and delay it it till auto-correct the DP (i think this is what you mean). hop into practice and try it out. Try delaying your DP a couple frames and you should shut down cross ups. Keep in mind that you still input the DP as if you were getting hit from the front, you just need to delay it.

If the cross up hits very ambiguous (right by your ear) it is alot harder to auto-correct than ones that hit closer to your shoulder however.


do you use lp mp or sp?


MP or FP are best due to the frame data [MP is the best imo]. all 3 have 3 frame startups but MP has 5 invicibility, FP has 4 frames of invicibility, while lp has 2 frames of invicibility. But with the MP version you can FADC on block or FADC to ultra on hit for added saftey/potency.


Alright. I thought they had buffed FP back to 6 frames like in vanilla for the 2012 update. I don’t study frame data so I guess that was just a rumor.


Easier way is to do :df: :db: :df: :df: :db: :df: then press when the opponent crosses up. That way it’s guaranteed to come out the right way, unless they land in your center, in which case sometimes your DP will either get stuffed or it will whiff, depending on which move they used.


I feel this thread is missing the ultimate gimmick, jump ex tatsu whiff then dp when you land.


this one always cracks me up.


But…it’s not a thread about gimmicks. The question was answered correctly on the first post. Thread over.


You can also use j.LP,EX Hado as a frame trap to catch late techs,on counter hit you get a free HP DP that close,does near 300 damage.