Jumping in with Ryu vs Blanka and Chun Li

Does anyone here have really good match up experience vs these two chars?

After sweep/throw, lets say safe jump in… What do you OS? Chun Li I often OS sweep but just now I did EX DP and it flew through her ex spinning bird kick and I lost the match. I started just empty jumping in which kind of sucks, even though it worked as a bait once the rest of the time it just set him free to backdash.

With Blanka EX upball, will his ex ball beat an OS DP from Ryu? What is the best way to jump in?

Also Blanka is becoming a problem for me, his walk speed is really good… I get hit by his hop behind into electricity/ex electricity/throw things. Or on your wake up he’ll ball over your body cornering himself and then does something random but yeah… I dunno, these kinds of things put me on tilt cuz if I try DP it seems like it’s the one time they were blocking or something or DP misses.

Chun Li: http://www.airryu.com/?p=29

Blanka: http://www.airryu.com/?p=88

A lot of useful information on Air’s website.

For Chun li, use MK Hurricane kick OS… if she does wakeup ex spinning bird kick, i think your MP Shoryuken can beat it… im not sure. but super and ultra will definitely beat it.

For blanka, try s.HP or f.HP to catch the backdash… im not sure about other OS’ but i guess u could do MP Shoryuken as it has the most invincible frames

check the chun li section for option selects, haven’t done anything on blanka yet.