Jumping into the realm of Cabinets


So after doing some intensive research, and some talking to the wife.
I decided to make the plunge and go for a Candy Cab restoration.

Just some quick questions to those of you who have the answers.

  1. Whats a reasonable price for a Candy Cab Shell?

  2. whats a reasonable price for a Candy Cab fully working?

Just some thoughts I’ve been pondering, to see if this plan is even feasible.


The first thing to do with any cab you are going to buy is make sure the monitor works and it works right. Play it in both frequencies so you know it will be compatible with most games, fixing and replacing a monitor is the worst and most expensive part of a cab.


Thanks, but what if i was going into purchasing just a Shell?


If you are going to buy just a shell make sure it will take inside it whatever kind of hardware you want to put in it. A Viewlix can’t take a big CRT and I don’t think an Astro City can handle a flat screen LCD. The most trouble I have ever had with cabs have involved the monitor so that’s why I stress that the most.


You can come across generic candy cabs for as low as like 250-300 and nice ones can go all the way up to like 2000.

As much as I love the style and design of Candy Cabs though, if you plan on playing 2 player mostly I really am not a huge fan of their size. I’m not even a big guy (5’10" ~150) and the control panels on Candy cabs is just awkward for fighters, You’re pretty much inevitably bumping elbows. If you have the space/funds to run them Vs style as two 1p cabs though, That shit is hot.

I’ve got two American style cabs that i’ve built new control panel tops for that I spread way out and drilled for JP parts, Its really much more entertaining when your elbow isn’t shoved in your opponents armpit. These cabs are a lot easier to track down and generally cheaper.

So Im not trying to say don’t get a candy cab (because they are really sexy) just giving you another option to consider.

Heres a shot of the CP I built on my first cab. its an Old Converted Mercs that had SF3:NG when I bought it.


awesome thanks for the input.


Strangely enough they can:


at the sacrifice of screen size. But these monitors can drop into a standard mounting bracket and accept 15khz signals. They do not do true 15khz though, they scale up. Don’t have any clue about lag.

Candy cabs typically take a 19" or 29" monitor.

29" monitors are rather uncommon in the US. You mostly find them in candy cabs. If you plan on finding a used monitor then expect to pay a premium for one.

19" monitors are plentiful, and there are 19" 4:3 LCD’s out there that would be a very cheap and easy to install option.

I personally would never go with an LCD for a candy because that would be evil. A used 19" arcade monitor could be purchased for cheap.

Kajoq’s right, two cabs are better than one. They need not be the same either. I would take two 19" candies over one 29"er anyday. It’s not sweat to link them. There are even pre-made adapters to do exactly that. Or if you want to you could make your own.

A used candy that is in good working condition is worth about $600 in the US.

A good quality I would expect to pay $300.


In the Neo Geo forums they’re trying to get together another group bye. This time around it will be mostly Taito Egret 2’s and Sega Blast City’s. So if you’re interested in any f those you should watch this thread. http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2833034&postcount=1


thanks for the link, I’ve been on the lookout for a site for monitors. I def think that CRT is the way to go for a cab.

Actually, I found somebody that has a complete shell, bezels doors panels and everything. Basically everything but the boards and the monitor. Hookin me up with a deal for $250.

I’m gonna ask how much would a used 29" monitor would be if I wanted to include that.

What are ur guys opinions on getting a used monitor that was used in the machine? Would it be better if I just try to get a new one?

Yeah, I saw that thread. But sadly I think getting a new cab is out of my range in spending money. Also, I’ve been convinced that it would be much more rewarding to do a restore myself, (also more fun :wgrin:)


A used 29" monitor is probably still gonna cost a little bit if it is in good working condition. At least $200 I think.

However, there is an alternative. You could use a TV. A 27" TV has the same tube size as a 29" arcade monitor. And TV’s almost never have any burn-in or weak CRTs. With that knowledge you have a few choices;

#1: Install the TV as is.

You will have to take the casing off of the tv and figure out some way to mount it inside the cabinet. There are a few people who have done this around the net and it seems to work very well. If you wanted to spend the extra $50 for a mounting bracket that would help things a lot. The best thing about this option is that you would have video inputs for consoles.

#2: Do a tube swap with an arcade monitor

If you can find a 29" monitor with severe burn-in for a cheaper price this might be a good option. If the chassis for the monitor is good you may be able to go to your local tv repair shop and see if they have any good 29" tubes. As a bonus you will probably get a mounting bracket with the used monitor.

#3: Buy a chassis and use a picture tube from a dead tv.

If done right this is at once the cheapest and best option. There are sites that sell new chassis’s for arcade monitors for about $50. You can pair this with a used 27/29" tube and have a 99% new monitor. The most difficult thing is that you would have to adjust the convergence.

If you decide to go with option number 1 make sure you get a tv with component in. If you have that you can use an RGB>Component converter and connect PCBs to the TV.