Jumping into the Spiked wall: Akuma's Anti-Air Breakdown



So I know this has been talked about in scattered locations, but hey I am bored on a Friday so why not.

Akuma is probably the character that has the most anti-air options out of any character in the game. He has several situational anti-air moves and two nearly all purpose anti-airs(c.HP and SRK). All of which are quite useful. Not to mention he has one of the best SRKs in the game.

So here is a list and some situations where they might be useful.


This is by far the easiest of Akuma’s anti-air arsenal. It has been dubbed “Easy mode” by more than one Akuma on these boards including myself because this move is brainlessly easy to use. This move has very good priority and also is amazing at stuffing cross ups. It can even catch people on the back side. It will stuff the majority of air attacks and can be used in most anti-air situations.

This move is prone to trading and sometimes is beat outright. Against Dudley’s elbow drop, Guys’ elbow drop, nearly any dive kick, and other high priority air moves c.HP is a liability. In some match ups it shouldn’t be used at all. It develops a false sense of security because it is so good against 90% of the air moves, but if you use only this move you will find yourself hitting a ceiling as a player. Unlike Akuma’s SRK it is also very slow start up so in situations such as someone jumping over your fireball, it will not be useful. The great vertical range is offset by the mediocre horizontal range.


By far this is the best move as far as stuffing air attacks IMO. You will be hard pressed to find many moves that beat out this beast of an anti-air attack. In the event it does trade you can often HK.Tatsu off the trade and against larger characters you can even EX.Tatsu for some reasonable damage. You can always EX.Tatsu when you trade into a corner. It is also the best anti-air if someone attempts to jump over your fireball. This move has more horizontal range than the c.HP.

Performing this move from a crouching position will beat out nearly every air move and also guarantee the full 3 hits. You need at least 2 hits to keep this from trading.

For as great as this move is, the drawbacks is that the timing is rather small compared to other anti-air moves. A botched SRK is almost always a bad situation because even the noobiest of players knows to punish the hell out of it. The move is also more difficult to use as a cross up defense compared to c.HP.


Pros: 100% Invincible. Will defeat anything and everything it touches.

Cons: Same as the HP.SRK


This move is underrated as an anti-air, but it is so so incredibly useful. This move’s has deceptively large hitboxes that can pluck many characters out of the air. This move has the most horizontal range out of the normal anti-air moves and is great for stuffing shallow jump ins. It can also beat Rufus’s dive kick cleanly if used properly. It is a much safer option than the SRK when you aren’t sure if an SRK will catch a foe. If you miss time and your foe blocks it only -1 on block which is safe against 99.9% of the characters out there. It is also my favorite way of defeating Adon’s Jaguar tooth because if he fakes you out and goes for a short tooth Adon can not punish you, but if you guess right you stuff it outright.

Learning the spacing for this move can be a little tricky, but it is well worth it. It is definitely one of the top anti-air options for Akuma.

This move is mostly useful for shallow jump ins. When the SRK can be used, f.HP tends to be a weaker and obsolete option. Yet for the few spots you can use this anti-air it is a very good one. This move usually has good priority, but there are a couple of attacks it loses to.


I bet some of you are saying “WHAT? c.MK? Loyal you are stupid!”. In reality a lone c.MK is great in very specific situations. Against moves like Bison’s devils reverse, Sagat’s Elbow, and a few other moves this turns out to be a good anti-air. It is unique in that it will give you a full combo if you land it. The reason this works is that it drops your hit boxes low enough that certain air moves will miss hitting you and your opponent will land on your leg unable to block. If you OS this into a Tatsu then you will get a full BnB combo off of an anti-air.

The timing is strict and it is really a situational anti-air. Not a good all purpose anti-air.

c.MK > U1


This is a good general purpose anti-air. Ideally you want activate the demon when your opponents knee caps are level with Akumas head. We all pretty much know that making someone “die 1000 deaths” is always a pro


Timing on this one can be a pain. If you time it too early you usually get nailed in the head for a full combo, time it too late and your opponent can escape and punish you for a full combo.

s.HK > U1

This is a slightly different flavor off of the kara demons, but it works in much the same way. This version is useful against a neutral jump happy Honda and it can also be used as a great way to set up a fireball trap. JR’s favorite demon set up is to throw a slow fireball from full screen, immediately hit s.HK, and wait to see if the opponent jumps forward. If he jumps forward it is a free demon most of the time. All the pros and cons are much the same.

Those are the ones I found most useful. I am sure you can use a few of the other moves as anti-air attacks, but frankly with this arsenal you shouldn’t need many other moves.

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Some hitboxes for reference.


Thanks a lot for the great thread LoyalSol, isn’t far roundhouse a viable anti air in certain situations too btw? I think I’ve seen it being used quite often in matchups vs Gief & Rufus.


Hey dude, great post.

I find neutral jump hk particularly useful against Viper and in some cases Chun.

fs.hp is also a viable anti-air against all jump-ins, you just have to become familiar with placing it properly. 120 damage raw, ~130 from a counterhit. Like you said, it is also safe in many respects but if used incorrectly it can trade. Usually the trade works for Akuma unlike most trade situations as we still dish out 120 damage.

From standing positions I use mp srk a lot. It has a much more forgivable hitbox to collect all hits (2) and also does 130 damage. hp srk which is tricky collect all three hits from a standing position does 150.

Don’t forget EX srk (which smashes through absolutely anything thrown at us) which does a whopping 190 damage for all three hits.


cool been having trouble anti airing with akuma


Valid points. Yea f.HP can work a lot closer than you would expect, but I find in those situations either a c.HP or SRK will do a better job. I suppose I should word that a little better. Still no argument from me, f.HP is a beast of an anti-air when used properly. I fell in love with it immediately once I started using it.


What about c.hk > U1?

I’ve noticed it’s much worse than c.mk since it’s way more punishable. On the other hand, the leniency for the cancel is much better. Not sure about the hitboxes, but I’ve been hit out of it several times.

Also, close HK (http://gamogo.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/cs-hk1.png) is good in some rare situations (specially against predictable neutral jumps). Thing is, the damage is awful.


That is correct, as cr.hk lowers your hitbox less than cr.mk. If you are going to learn AA ultra, you’re better off learning cr.mk xx U1.


Well I find n.jump hk far better as air to air than anti air due to the hitbox going so high. It’s quite good for stopping corner tatsu escapes.


Though c.hk > u1 is still better to bait jump-ins or focus attacks.

Problem is: I’ve never been able to do U1 on reaction after having my c.hk focused. When it does work, I was lucky (and would’ve canceled either way lol).


c.HK into U1 is more as a recovery from a bad decision than a good anti-air. If I go for the sweep and they jump that is when I might cancel into the ultra. If I am neutral and they are trying to jump in then c.MK is always a better option.


Amazing post…period.



Good thread


You probably think the pros sweep, and if it is focus absorbed by the opponent they do the whole ultra motion. That isn’t the case. Whenever you have ultra and think you have the opportunity to do a c.hk xx U1, always buffer two jabs in your sweep. Absolutely nothing will happen, but this gives you the time to react. If your sweep is blocked or whiffs, you do nothing. If it’s focus absorbed, you only have to press b+lk+hp, all in 1 input. This is 1 input ultra is way easier to do on reaction than a 3 input ultra.


I know how it works, and that’s exactly how I do it. But hitconfirming with 1 press, or several is irrelevant. I just can’t confirm if it got focused or not. Not used to it yet. And since he’s not my main, I won’t be used to it anytime soon.

I can kara demon all the time though, since it requires zero confirmation. Execution-wise, I’m fine with fast inputs.
Reaction-wise? Slow as a fucking turtle.


Finaly a thread with substance! Hats off to you sir.

Ive known about far hp since vanilla but when I tried using it, it seemed to trade more than beating the jumpins so I stopped using it, instead I just let them jump to get closer and if they jump again I just srk them. everything else mentioned in this thread is god tier info for all akumas. Perhaps ill take far standing hp back to the old drawing board and see if I can figure out the spacing. My anti air isn?t lacking but I wouldn?t mind adding more to my arsenal!


^ With far HP, the problem isn’t with it trading so much as it’s potential to lose against certain jump attacks if it isn’t timed and positioned just right.

IMO trading with it is fine since you stop their jump-in and it does 120 damage to them. Which means that for once, the opponent is taking the same damage as Akuma after trading with his anti air. One or two clean 120’s together with this also makes a pretty good deterrent on them trying to challenge it another time.

It can be quite hit and miss. You really can’t afford to miss with it. I classify the trades as hit, personally.


had some local matches at my house last night and i was messing around with the spacing of far standing hp. its kinda finicky, it just hurts to trade if you ask me. it might have to do with me not using it correctly but i hate trading!


This is not Zangief. Akuma can’t afford trades. Playing it safe is much better. I lose half my matches with akuma just trying to time an AA raging demon. When I stop caring about the ultra, I win. It’s retarded.

Really: block jump-ins, or teleport back, and proceed with the round.


Aw man you gotta get the timing on that AA demon dude. It?s absolutely essential, there is NO reason anyone should be jumping at akuma if he has ultra (besides baiting demon). Aside from maybe online lag I can 99/100 times aa demon someone jumping at me if I have ultra (given they are in the correct range).