Jumping LK cross-up combos

Hi there,

is there a list of (viable) combos for vega from a cross-up jumping LK besides cr. MK > FBA?

I noticed that after a cross-up j. LK you can link into st. MK > cr. MP, but there’s there’s not enough Charge Time for FBA and Vega is already to far for RCF.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

After the lk cross up, you can go for cl.Mk > st.Hk xx Red Focus > Ultra
You can also go for cr.Mk > cr.Mp xx Ex.FB, but you need to hit the cross up lk later (almost right before you land) to be able to connect the cr.mk

thank you for your answer i would not have come up with the cl.Mk > st.Hk combo.

Is there any possible comobo into RFC?

You mean Red Focus?
Vega can go for that after a standing Hk or the last hit on Rolling Crystal Flash.

With that said, the best one (or at least, the one i get to use the most) is the one i wrote before.
Cross up j.Lk> cl.Mk > st.Hk xx Red Focus > Ultra
There is also
st.Lk> cr.Lp > st.Hk xx Red Focus > Ultra

Keep in mind a few things.

St.Hk is 4 frames start up

St.lk is +5, so you can link those two without the middle cr.Lp, but you’ll have less time to hit confirm.

You can only use Red Focus on the “first hit” of his st.Hk

Basically, anything that can be linked into a st.Hk can lead to RF, with the only problem being spacing.

So, for example you can do cr.Lp> cr.Lp> st.HK xx RedFocus

hi rust(y),

thank you for your quick comment and your eplanation once again.

I was writing too fast, because I originally meant “RCF” = Rolling Crystal Flash. I was wondering if there’s any Cross-up Combo avaiable to link into it. So Cross-up Lk into any RCF stuff :slight_smile:

What you proposed: I am using cr. LP > cr. LP. > st. Hk > RFC (Red Focus Cancel) > Ultra II already. Unfortunately only against weaker opponents as I am bad ad hit-confiming.

Do you happen to be on steam? :slight_smile:

Oh, well to be honest i don’t know if it poisble, but i doubt it (to get the cross up inot RCF), since that move isn’t precisely a good combo finisher.
Yeah, i’m on steam. I’m somewhat active on the USFIV forums, right now my steam name is Riesz

you can link
cl.mk, cr…lp, cr.mp, ex fba
cl.mk, cr.mp, lp roll (delayed cancel)

i don’t recommend cr.mk because it’s 1 frame slower

thank you Niah.

why is the delayed cancel necessary? And how does that even work? As for now, I couldn successfully cancel into lp roll (will be blocked).

Canceling a normal doesn’t have to be instant, you got a few frames of leniency before you can cancel. Delay cancel is used so you can get enough charge. One good example is guile upside down kick, cr.mp, flash kick. If done normally, you won’t have time to charge does flash kick. You can delay it slightly so you can get some extra charge time. Also lp roll won’t get blocked if done close enough, and only a selected few it doesn’t work on. Cl.mk to cr.mp is sure to combo into lp roll

hi again,

thank you for your precise explanation. I meanwhile succeeded in doing the comobo, although it’s really a supertough one to link into.