Jumping M.P?

Why do all Japanese Blanka Players jump in with medium punch instead of using high kick?

Do you have some videos of this?

j.mp has slightly longer horizontal range than j.hk which might be one reason why you saw it being used. In some situations the extra range helps but not enough to use it every time IMO.

Because of its priority. Its almost like sagats elbow in a sense. Plus its somthing different which looks better than the same J.hk repeats.



Horizontal Range?? i thought HP is better… isn’t it?

hp his 180 degrees from top to bottom, its higer priority possibly.

mp hits forwards and down slightly but has the longest horizontal range.

i’d say almost unequivocally yes. j.hp just has some crazy crazy priority, its a bit funky because of the animation and motion of its hit box compared to the reliable hit box of j.mp. for jump-in neither really tickles me but i do use j.hp to stuff certain AA’s and in anticipation of meeting my opponent mid-air i like j.hp. i can see the appeal of j.mp as it produces a smaller to hit box on blanka compared to say j.hk and the hit box of j.mp acts as something of a shield to protect you against a intercepting attack.

for retreating jumps j.mp is a bit more reliable but i kinda feel that j.hp beats more moves out and has a better overall range where it will clip opponents with the moving hit box where j.mp won’t. i’m not sure one is really better than the other, i lean towards using j.hp more often recently partly as a testing measure and partly b/c the priority on it has won a few matches for me. i think j.mp really shines when anticipating a headbutt from honda, PC from dictator, and a few other things where j.mp can clip the back end of the move and knock them out of it.

I could see using j.strong if I 1. was jumping in…which I don’t imagine on paper doing often and 2. knew I absolutely wasn’t going for cross up. J.strong was really nice in CE/HF, was overshadowed by j.short in ST and is overshadowed again by better options like j.forward and j.roundhouse (the latter I think is really risky though…but you’re jumping in anyways so FUCK IT! AMIRITE!).

Neutral jump Fierce always has been, always will be a great fucking anti-air. If you’re in a situation where you know the opponent is going to jump and you’re going to intercept mid-air, don’t even bother with the jumping towards version imo. Kills Dictator Stomp as well(not EX).

Jump towards version is weird and I’ve always had the feeling it was worse than j.roundhouse…but now I want to try it out… :stuck_out_tongue:

THAT is interesting to me. You can use J.Forward as well in those situations, but you have to be pretty on with hitting them around the front of their body. hrmmm…rubbing beard…

j. mp can also beat sagats s. hk if you tap him on the foot off the 2nd “hit” the s. hk does. so risky though, haha.

Yeah, for the most part when I use jump in MP against Sagat’s HK, it trades. :sad:

I was fucking around in training mode with Blanka’s normals vs. Torpedo/Crusher. Especially j.strong to see if it made a difference. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any difference in hitting these guys out of their Torpedo/Crusher with j.strong versus j.forward/towards-back fierce/roundhouse. J.Forward could hit the front of the head like I mentioned before, but the timing is so fucking tight that it isn’t worth it. So I want to take my initial comment back.

All moves, including j.strong, worked best hitting Honda/Bison just beyond their move’s hitbox and towards their neck onwards. I’m not saying j.strong doesn’t work here, but I didn’t see a significant advantage to using it to stop these moves over the others.

Fun shit that has nothing to do with what we were initially talking about: every standing normal EXCEPT s.strong will stuff these moves clean when timed correctly. This is sort of already known, I just don’t think anyone has really mentioned it here. shrug These guys will work:

s.strong (trades at best, otherwise can’t stuff clean)

Of course, in a match you need to be on when it comes to reading your opponent to land this with jab/strong, really fucking know the opponent like the back of your hand for strong/forward and just be pshycic to land fierce/roundhouse on purpose. Also, what Dictator really uses Crusher enough to make you look to stuff it? I’ll tell you who, G3E Champions. :smile:

I tried j.strong versus Sagat anti-air Roundhouse but I couldn’t replicate a nice set up where I could rely my hit was really stuffing anti-air attempts. I know, just make Sagat do it and then jump into it…I just got frustrated trying to jump at the dummy in a way that made me confident I would have been “anti-aired”. Sagat kept striking out. If you know what I mean.

yeah some things are hard to set up in training mode and are much better practised with someone else. The way i do it for anti airs is to tap down 3 times slowly before hitting the AA so i have a marker for when to jump.

agreed. i wish it was a system like…what was it, VF5 training mode? that had a countdown.

i always jumped in and did heavy kick into low med. kick into blanka ball then super if i have it but…ill give a medium punch a try…i always knew it had priority…

comes out a little faster(1 frame lol) too, so if you’re tripguarding and see something come out, it may be a better move to at least get off a trade if one frame would make a difference…

eh, i prefer either mk or hk. but whatever floats ur boat. all fine choices.