Jumping maniacs


Sigh I thought I had gotten past this elementary stage, but it seems this is not the case… Ok, two scenarios:

  1. Sometimes, I come across players who just like to jump all over me, jumping at me from very close range - typically Juris, Seths and Rufuses. I would like some clarity on the feasibility of anti-airing them from this range. I’m pretty sure that you can’t because reaction time, coupled with how long it would take for your move to come out. If you have a good normal that works as an AA, then push that, otherwise block, am I correct?

If that is the case, when/how do you get this pesky critters off of you? How can I deter them/punish them for doing this? Do I just have to wait and block patiently for an opening?

  1. Those players who just loooooove to jump back all the way across the screen. Is there anyway I can capitalise/punish this? I’m guessing maybe not… It seems to be pretty safe/risk free.


What character do you use? If they’re jumping at you, dp them if you have it. If they’re jumping forward when they were right next to you, you can dash under them to get a little breathing room. You could also jump backwards and air-to-air them. If you’re expecting them to jump, then you can react faster than if you were caught by surprise.

If they’re jumping backwards, if you have a move that can reach quickly across the screen and catch them out of the air, it can work to punish them.


I use Adon. When they jump at me so close, I’m not sure if it’s because my reactions and/or the move start up time. More anticipation on my part perhaps is needed. Thanks for the tip about dashing under and up-back air-to-air. I will give those a go.