Jumping out of HSF

If the Sentinel just does a HSF without any prior attacks i.e. a fierce or a rocket punch, just super jump and you should be fine.

If Sentinel does a fierce or fierce xx rocket punch xx HSF, push the very last attack prior to the HSF. I do not use the drones or the change in color of the background for timing. After any attack Sentinel does before the HSF, there is a tiny gap of empty space while the rocket punch is retracting or the fierce is dissipating and the drones are on their way. During this empty space, pushblock. Your character is still in block stun due to the previous attacks so don’t worry about being hit by the drones. Put the joystick to neutral and wait until immediately after the second set of drones, at this point, manually super jump and your character should avoid the third set of drones. This tactic works with most of the characters I have tried it with, namely Magneto, Storm, Cable, Psylocke, Iron Man, etc.

A few fun but very risky things to try with Cable are to normal jump prior to the HSF and pushblock, once the pushblock timer runs out, AHVB. The drones should fly through you and you are free to AHVB until your meter runs out. If you are quick enough, you can AHVB instead of super jumping out after the second set i.e. PUSH -> WAIT -> TKAHVB -> DEAD SENTINEL

With Storm or Magneto, after jumping out of the HSF immediately dash to get right on top of Sent you should be able to land a falling fierce into whatever with both characters, if you dashed quick enough of course.

With Sentinel, you can activate flight and fly forward and do some combo with some roundhouses and some assists and some rocket punches. Usually roundhouse + assist, rocket punch. There are some other things to do but I don’t feel like getting creative right now.

There are a few preventive measures a Sentinel can take though with HSF. Usually dropping Doom’s AAA or Blackheart’s AAA or even Storm’s Proj. will keep you grounded when you can usually jump out. But, there is also a counter to this counter. The usual pattern of FIERCE -> ROCKET PUNCH -> HSF has a lot of gaps which can be jumped out of, usually the assist dropped during the pattern only prevents one or two of the gaps which just happen to be the most popular gaps to jump out of. So, test the waters and see if the Sentinel you are fighting is keen enough to drop an assist during the first set, if they don’t it is safe to say they won’t try it later and just jump out at the regular interval. However, if they do drop an assist don’t jump at the usual gap, try a different one.

I have not tested any of the timings for the other gaps so it would be best for you to turn on training mode and test it out for yourself.

So, if you have anything else to add, such as the timing for Sentinel to jump out (it seems to be different from what I use for regular characters) or any other strategies involving this post up.

There are practical purposes to this knowledge outside of actually jumping out of HSF. If you have Cable/beamer shoto, or your team has a good framekill, you can reasonably punish Sentinel for trying to reset the match by doing AHVB/beam super or your best framekill after pushblock timer (but when Sentinel is still vulnerable). Definitely worth learning…

How about using storm, and when you know the HSF is coming you could hailstorm right through it, I done this before mainly when i’m not trying to do it anyone else done this before?

Can you explain it briefly.That was too long.I couldn’t understand it(most of it).Make it short.Give the crucial details only.Thx

Sentinel does: FIERCE -> ROCKET PUNCH -> HSF

Here is what you do.

Block the FIERCE AND THE ROCKET PUNCH, wait a second, PUSHBLOCK, PUT STICK TO NEUTRAL, wait until immediately after SECOND SET of drones, SUPERJUMP.

Deus covered it well, and there’s also a good vid of it and other similar techniques that’d probably be helpful:


Thx guys!:slight_smile: !What do you mean jump when the second drones hit?Shouldn’t it be the second HFS?

There’s four hits in question that you have to worry about: the starting Fierce or RP, drone set 1, drone set 2, and drone set 3. A HSF consists of three vertically grouped sets of drones. When the second set has ~just~ passed you by, time to jump. Try it. :slight_smile:

Ummm,when you said block the RP and HFS,then pushblock and let the stick to neutral and wait till the 2nd drones pass,then sj.But when you pushblock and wait let the stick to neutral,then wouldn’t the 1st set of drones hit you???Sry,if i dun understand.CLARIFY it for me.THX

Once you pushblock something, you are in “pushblock” stun. This means that for a short period of time nothing will hit you, regardless of where you are holding the stick. The reason you can jump out of the HSF is because the pushblock timer ends just as the second set of drones passes you (this depends on when you push but in the example I gave, the stun ends at this point) allowing you to jump out before the third set hits you.

Question about the push block. Is it easier to pushblock and sj out of hsf from a crouch position or standing? I was trying it out against a friend. Standing pushblock seemed more consistent.


You can only jump out if the stick is left in neutral. Therefore, it will only work if you are standing.

can you explain how to do a AHVB when sent calls mags to help (like the one shown on the vid) i just need a good explination how to do it right… thanks in adv

Actually, this is untrue. You can move the stick to down; however, putting the stick in any back position during pushblock stun (up-back, back or down-back) will stop the pushblock timer and you will have to push again to restart it.

This is important to know because if you keep the stick in neutral, attacks that hit low WILL hit you regardless. ie. if you pushblock Magneto during a rush and hold up to try to jump out, if he goes low, his low short will hit you. This reduces the effectiveness of the guard cancel because you have to keep the stick up and in neutral, and time your jump so that it comes out just when guardcancelling ends. It means you actually have to learn how it works.

Yeah, good info Rick. I posted that without testing it out. I regularly hold back and then jump out. Thanks for looking out.