[Jun 10, 2011] Interest Check: small casual Columbus/Central OH meet (Columbus/Worthington Ohio)

I’ve been considering hosting fighting and shoot-em-up meets for a while now, and may finally have some free time to get something going. Would anyone nearby be interested in this if I organize it? I haven’t done any tournaments, but I would be opposed to having one organized, or we could do some casual matches.

If we’re going to do something, here’s what I’d propose as far as setup (all of which I can provide):
Namco Exceleena 2 candy cab with SF3: Third Strike
Sega Naomi Universal with Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Sega Aero City high-res with Hokuto no Ken / Fist of the North Star
Neo 25 Candy with Garou: MOTW, Samurai Shodown 5, KOF 98, Last Blade 2, and two other random games
maybe one more cab with Pocket Fighter
Also, a couple TVs with PS3 and 360 set up for people to bring joysticks/games and get some SSFIV or MVC3 matches (or whatever else) going
Also, a couple candy cabs going with shoot-em-up games just for a break in the fighting action.

What do you guys think? Any interest?

Wait, huh? A shmupmeet in Columbus? That would be awesome! You ought to post in the Columbus thread sometime so we can get to know you. Better yet, stop by Zeno’s on a Wednesday night.