[Jun 11, 2011] MK9, MvC3, Tekken 6 and SSF4 AE Tournaments with Celebrity Guest (atlanta Georgia)

[media=youtube]6OMt6v-axA4[/media]The tournaments are on June 11 2011 at The Crowne Plaza on powers ferry road. Please watch the video for information or go to Meetup.com/Video-Game-Tournament-Group to RSVP.

The Celebrity guest is Bob Carter the voice of Shoa Khan and Baraka in Mortal Kombat 2011 and Balrog in Super Street Fighter 4.

Sounds like a cool tourney. I’ll be there

Anytime you host a tournament, it’s good to post it in the respective state’s thread so that people will know. A lot of Georgia people will be going to CEO in Florida that weekend.

I’ll be there. If anyone is kind enough to let me borrow a spare fightpad for that day that would be great. Thing is I have ssf4 on my xbox360 and not on my ps3. I’ll try to my fightpad dual modded but im not too sure when though. still if anyone is willing to help me out I would really appreciate it. thank you.