[Jun 15, 2012] CEO 2012 EVO Pitstop Daigo/Gamerbee/Kayane/Mago/Momochi/ChocoBlanka/Air(Orlando, Fl)


CEO 2012 is already signed and set to return to the Wyndham Orlando Resort from June 15th-17th in Orlando, FL.

Registration and Information is All LIVE now on www.ceogaming.org


Official List of Games
on XBOX 360:
SFxT 1v1

Soul Calibur V
Tekken 6
Mortal Kombat

Arcade Cabs:
ST Tournament of Legends Qualifier

General Info to know:

CEO 2012 Fighting Game Championships are a 3 day Gaming Convention for all Fighting Game Enthusiasts from all over the world competing for cash and prizes. Come witness and compete with some of the best players in the world inside of one of the largest 20,000 sq ft tournament gaming venues at theWyndham Orlando Resort. If you want to come out and just have fun there will also be plenty of Casual Gaming Stations to play some of the latest Games.
Please Make sure to purchase your Event Badge before each game entry and Save by buying your Badges early. There will be Spectator Badges for those wishing to bring friends and family to the event. They will be sold at the door for $20 cash only for the entire weekend. There will be tons of space filled with Casual Game setups for those not competing to help make the most of the event.
IMPORTANT NOTICE- You MUST* Pre Register before Sunday June 10th for Any of the Official Tournaments listed above. At 11:55PM on Sunday June 10th ALL Online Registration will be CLOSED!
Pool Assignments for Any tournament with over 128 Entrants will be posted on Wednesday June 13th on www.ceogaming.org.
If you do not have a Personal Credit card, you can visit any convenience store, walmart, etc and purchase a PrePaid Visa Gift Card and use that to make your CEO payment. You must be 13 yrs old to Enter CEO 2012 Tournaments. Children 12 and under are welcome for free as spectators.
*There will be a last Minute Emergency Registration $50 Badge and $10 Tournament entry Fee for official Tournaments from 11 am Until 4 pm on Friday June 15th. Tournaments will begin at 7 pm on Friday. You should avoid this at all costs to save time and money. NO TOURNAMENT SIGNUPS ALLOWED for Official Tournaments on SATURDAY or SUNDAY. If you are Not Pre Registered online or on Friday Afternoon by 5pm You will NOT Be allowed to Compete in any of the official tournaments. On Site Registration for Official Tournaments is very time consuming and therefore should be avoided at all costs, if there are no available byes in the brackets or pools then you will not be allowed to enter.
Above Schedule is Tentative, Final Schedule will be posted Middle of May 2012 so check back then. CEO 2012 is a 3 day event but no official Tournaments will start before 7 pm on Friday Night(Subject to change so try to make plans to arrive Thursday Night or Friday before 2 pm. Side events and Team tournaments may start at 2 pm on Friday.
THERE ARE NO REFUNDS once You have Registered for CEO 2012. Be Certain that you have made arrangements to attend.
The Success of CEO 2012 happens from the help and support of the community. You are helping by staying at the Hosting Hotel for CEO 2012 at the Wyndham Resort Orlando by booking through the Special CEO 2012 Gaming Convention Rate, you will get a Room for up to 4 people at the Low price of 79$ Per night. Please Visit How to book your CEO 2012 Hotel for Details.
For more information, updates, prizes, sponsorships, complete rules and schedule please visit www.ceogaming.org.
Any and all Questions Can be directed to CEOgaming@gmail.com

Everything about CEO 2012 will be bigger and better than 2011.

Follow me on www.twitter.com/ceojebailey for constant updates involving CEO and the FGC


Im going to do my best to show up to this! <3


i’m not coming unless triforce makes it again :wink:


Good stuff! Hope I can make it back down there.


Somehow I confirmed that I’m attending this before Jebailey did.


Are you going to have a section for this on your website like you did last time with all the info as far as badges/games/hotel rates go or is that going to be next year?


Definitely, everything with signups will be done same as this year with a little more detail and explanations.

Also this is tentative but as of now I plan to keep the Spectator Fee(Trust me when I say there will be a lot of huge surprises in store for everyone attending) at 20 for the Weekend and those who wish to just Attend on Sunday to watch the Finals live and in person will be free.


Looking forward to it, I’ll be there all weekend. Was only able to make it Sunday to the past CEO because I was away on a family trip, but just that one day was fun and hype as hell. Can’t wait to see what you can come up with!


Hopefully entry per game is decreased to $8.95 :wink:


Im so there. Def let us know when early bird pre reg is up. Hopped on that for FR and def doing that for Ceo!!!


You had me at 79.99 a room…i’m fucking in there<3!!!


Had a friend who really enjoyed this year’s CEO, so I definitely want to make this if I can… And seeing that it is exactly 6 months apart from NEC, I got time to save my money. Definitely wanna get in on that AH3 / SC5 action.


This could be a problem due to the fact that I am extremely use to the PS3 controller for MVC )-: Time to practice using the Stick.


Dude get the ps2-> 360 converter. I had the same problem at last CEO and was randomed out 1st round because I couldn’t play on 360 pad. I wish I would have known about this sooner. BUt here’s a link to the converter. It’s really great quality product and it’s 100% lagless.


Thanks man! You just saved me from future embarrassment ^_^. There is no way in hell I could do Dooms Bucktooth Loop with that weird 360 Dpad lol. But, I think I’ll go ahead and order this. Quick question, I’m assuming you live in Orlando since you go to CEO. Do you know of any good spot where they hold MVC3 Tournies?


No problem man. I just started getting into fighting games seriously w/ MvC3 when it came out and CEO was my 1st tourney and when I found out it was 360 i didn’t know what to do so I borrowed my friends 360 pad and needless to say it did not go well and I lost both my 1st rounds which was embarrasing for me. But I had fun at the NOS stations where they had ps3 stations set up (:

And the order is very quick. The shipment usually takes about 2weeks or so. They are really quick with getting that to you even though I believe it ships from china. And I actually live in gainesville (I go to school at UF). But I have been going to places around north/central florida competing in tournaments.

And I’m not too familiar with common meetups for MvC3 places but they do have some tournies. However, if you have facebook I suggest asking on the CEO facebook page. I do know there was an MvC3 tourney this past weekend in Daytona. But yeah check out the link man. Usually people post any tourneys and events coming up.


Dude I’m so hype for CEO, it’s going to be my first time. :smiley: And i can only imagine the pain you went through with that horrible thing our society calls a “controller”. How does this work, are you playing on a giant projector? And How many people usually show up for CEO?

And thanks for the heads up, I don’t mind waiting a few weeks, just as long as i won’t feel crippled on a 360, I’m happy.

I also requested to join the CEO Facebook page, so let’s hope they accept soon so i can finally start meeting up with people.

On a side note, I added your PSN, you should have my pending request in your inbox. We should get a few matches tomorrow.


Nice man and yes, I’m super excited for CEO as well. And well there’s tons of monitors in the venue location that you play on and some matches you do play on the big screen that would be streamed to people on the internet. And well, CEO is an Evo Qualifier so it’s pretty much one of the biggest tournaments that will be run throughout the year. And alot of people show up for this including pretty much everyone from florida and alot of the out of state pros. Like last year, J. Wong, FLoe, Mike Ross, Gootecks, pretty much all of the old EMP members as well as some other pros showed up to this event last time. And don’t worry the venue space is huge. When I watched streams and such and saw tourneys heard stories about the location being really cramped for tourneys and such, I was alittle worried about the whole place being cramped and smelly lol but the place where it’s located is very large and can host tons of people so it will be a great venue once again.

And cool I’ll add you on PSN once i log on man. And yeah I don’t mind getting a few matches in. Can’t wait for UMvC3 :slight_smile:


I can’t believe that all of this time I didn’t know about CEO and how popular it is. But next time for sure, I’ll be there! :wink: And hopefully I can play J.Wong to see how good he really is. So how long is CEO? and does everyone get together after the event to hang-out afterwords?


Just going to say I highly support AH3 as a side game, and running 3SO as a 2v2 or even singles.