[Jun 16, 2011] East Coast BnB - SSF4AE XBOX LIVE Tournament - Prize: 20$ (XBOX Live (East Coast))


- Bières et Bastons / Beer and Beatdown -

  • Cet évènement hebdomadaire XBOX LIVE a pour but de rapprocher les différents groupes de joueurs du Canada et plus!
  • This weekly XBOX LIVE event aims to bring together the different players of Canada - and more!

Reward: 20$ (paypal) :slight_smile:

To participate, simply be online on the stream chat when the tournament will start at 19h00 EST. we will create the brackets from the people present in the stream.

- Informations -
**Français: **http://gameplayfirst.com/sfloft/?p=767&lang=fr
**English: **http://gameplayfirst.com/sfloft/?p=767&lang=en

- Stream -

To register: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KZJ6RJT

Im working that night :frowning:

Aaaw, that sucks man :frowning: Will you be able to stream it? :slight_smile:

I will starting 9-ish, I’ll totally watch that go down

The tournament is going down tonight @ 19h00 (EST)!

For those that didn’t register, you can do it now! :slight_smile:


This message is to remind every entrant that the tournament will be tonight, June 16th, the tournament schedule is the following:
[]@ 18h00 (EST) – Stream is started, a private lobby is opened for casuals.
]**@ 19h00 (EST) **– Tournament is started. The new tournament format will allow for a loser’s bracket! J
Therefore, we ask you to check-in between 18h00 and 19h00 (EST) to validate your registration. See you on the stream’s chat: http://www.justin.tv/sfloft

Next, send a XBOX message to “Le Pepui” on XBL so I can invite you into the initial pools.

[]You can find the different pools here: http://bnb_1_2.challonge.com/
]Initial pools of four players are played.
[]The winners of each initial pools are sent in the WinnersPool. The 2nd place will go in the RunnerUpPool, everybody else go to the LosersPool.
]The winner of the WinnersPool will reach the Grandfinals.
[]The winner of the RunnerUp & LosersPool will reach the LosersFinals pool.
]The losers of the WinnersPool will join them.
[]The winner of the LosersFinals will go in Grand Finals.
]All the regular matches are played using the Tournament mode of SSF4. Matches are played as a best of five round.
[*]The grand finals will be a best of 5 games and played in a private lobby.
Here a chart to help you visualize the tournament’s flow:


As entrants, it is your responsibility to:
[]Make sure to have the tournament mode DLC installed.
]Make sure to have the Arcade Edition DLC installed.
[]Be present on the stream’s chat, so you are ready to answer the call.
]Send a message to “Le Pepui” on XBL (a friend request will also be accepted).
[]If it isn’t your turn, be ready at all time to join in (do not start ranked matches that could be interrupted).
]Stop the stream when you’re playing to reduce lag.
[]Make sure to have a valid paypal account to receive your prize if you happen to win.
]If you lose a first match, do not quit! The tournament isn’t over for you yet!

I am really happy to invite you to the second BnB and I wish you the best of luck! J

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask! J

Participant list for tonight - new players may join in or other may still drop :slight_smile:



OmG iTz Andre

sPaB RoG


Savage Shrubber


Rocky Of Death


Jensine SRK


SnM fearqc



its mAcHiNe




SOSG Delta



Last minute plans came in so remove me from the list please.

Done! Too bad, See you next time :slight_smile:

Justin.tv is down, the new temporary home for the BnB will be ustream at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sfloft Sorry for the inconvenience.

my damn 360 red ring i won’t be able to enter. fuck

I can’t access the stream chat–it’s not loading properly. Can I still be invited when my turn comes?

Big success, great stream, fun tournament! Thx for hosting, streaming, and having a prize with free entry! I’d sign up for another!

Thanks to all of you who participated!

Congratulations to **Scromps **who won the tournament, please contact me by e-mail or private message so I can paypal you the 20$ prize!!!

To review the brackets: http://bnb_1_2.challonge.com/

I will post more detailed results soon!

It looks like Ustream didn’t record the broadcasts :frowning: We will see tomorrow if it did!

Next time we will hope for no problems on JTV and will be back to it! :smiley: