[Jun 16, 2012] DJMasters' Ticket to EVO (San Diego CA)


UMvC3 tournament

6532 Hyman Pl
San Diego, CA

Saturday June 16
Doors open at 4 Tournament starts at 6

Entry Fee
$8 buys into the tournament ($5 to room/gas, $3 to house)
If you want to play casuals only $3 to the house

There will be NO CASH PRIZE. So please, anyone with accommodations to EVO, DO NOT ENTER. The prize for 1st place will be a ride to EVO with Loki (Kevin Rupe) and a room to stay in. I have a 750 sq ft suite at Bally’s across the corner from caesers palace. Just bring a sleeping bag or a blankie or whatever. The trip will be from Thursday July 5th- Monday July 9th. So please be free those days.***

The winner will also have an “exhibition” match with Dios X after the tournament. If you win, keep the winnings. If you lose, I will cover your loss.

This is for people that really want to go but just didn’t have the funds this year. Evo is still really fun even if you don’t play in the main tournament. There are many side tournaments and if you win this tournament chances are that you can win some money matches too. There will be groceries at the hotel as well. No spending money on eating out all weekend! I will also try to host a tournament at the BYOC section this year for UMvC3. The winner will get free entry into that tournament as well. This is the opportunity of a lifetime really. There is no excuse for a dedicated player from San Diego to miss EVO this year. Come out and show the world what you got!!


Sign Ups

  1. Call2Arms
  2. Combusted
  3. Watts
  4. Uncle Matt
    5.Maximux Prime
  5. rgx2

***I know that there will be some people attending on Saturday that aren’t going to enter due to the fact that they already have accommodations for Evo, but if you’d like to enter and help the cause, then feel free. If you win, the prize will be awarded to the next best placer and you will receive your buy-in back plus $2. So you’ll be going home with $10 bucks, and I will still back you for the “exhibition match” with Dios. This is pretty much the last UMvC3 tournament in San Diego before Evo, so come out and tell your friends to come out. Get some good practice. Also, im interested in throwing a side AE tournament. If we can get at lest 6 people to play, i will run it.


Come on out and mash some buttons. I will be there to throw down in Skullgirls as well. Come get your faced kicked in :).


Sign me up.


You guys don’t mind pad players do ya?


update: venue fee has been raised. $5 to room and travel, 3 to house/Cody

@rgx2 pad players are welcome, we will try to accomodate. what system?


Everyone should go, this is like the greatest idea we had in San Diego, besides the Leauge…
My address is up so everyone can come and play/ spectate.
There is a house fee of $3.00 and thats for the casual players and the people in the tourney.
If your complaining about the house fee I usuall charge $5 for tourneys on the weekend
and some places charge way more.

Hope to see you all Saturday


PS3. I could try and fight it out on a 360 pad…but uh…DPAD lol. I’ll still probably go and see what I can do under the circumstances.


we will have a ps3 dont worry.




Add one more pad player to the mix! Count me in, I need that Ride!


awesome!! glad to see some people coming out of the woodworks. Only one more day til the tourney!!


I’ll be there with 1 friend who is also joining, hopefully I’ll be there around 6.


All right, last night was a success!! Thank you to all who came out. Will write up a results thread soon.