[Jun 16, 2012] Massholes Clash III: 3rd Strike (Framingham, MA)


Alright guys, once again we will be running the same style tournament we have been running as of late. EVO is approaching very fast! Come out and get your tourney nerves [S]owned[/S] honed!!

Due to the underwhelming SFxT crowd showing up as of late, I’m going to throw this one up in the air. If you guys want to have SFxT, post up in the GU thread, or in this thread. I will decide by next week based on your opinions.

Warm-ups are at 11:00 AM. You should be signed up for your game(s) of choice at least 20 minutes before the game begins.

**Skullgirls: 12:00 pm **Rules:
2/3 rounds, 2/3 sets, Standard Double Elimination Bracket
Character Lock on win. You may change character only upon losing a game.

**Street Fighter IV AE2012: 1:00 pm **Rules:
2/3 rounds, 2/3 sets, Standard Double Elimination Bracket
Character Lock on win. You may change character only upon losing a game.

**Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: 3:00 pm **Rules
3/5 sets, Standard Double Elimination Bracket

King of Fighters XIII: TBA

Other suggestions for tournament games are welcome if there is interest.

I’ll update this thread soon, just getting the word out!!

GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri
GameUnderGround MAASSSAAACHUUSEETTSSS Framingham Tues/Fri

I plan on being there!

I would be interested in VF as well


niiiiice marvel 3/5 im hype
im glad lots of tourneys started goin that format. marvel 2 shoulda been 3/5 really


If I can make it, I’ll be down to help out with brackets again. Also, I think SFxT is dead enough to drop. If anything people who do wanna play should just money match each other.


I’m in there for SSFIVAE2012 and SG.


Planning on being there, although I may have a family thing that could take precedence.


Keeping Evo in mind, is there any chance this will be on PS3? I’d be willing to bring two systems (both with Skullgirls) myself, as well as one copy of each of the disc games. Please?


Hey, Alex can you bring my stick to this tournament.

I will be looking forward to doing 3/5 marvel matches


I can definitely bring your stick.

3/5 Marvel is a trend that I am liking. I might even start playing seriously again after Evo.


Changing my “maybe” to a “yes”. There’s no longer any reason that I should be unable to attend. I can bring a setup for Skullgirls.

Yeah same. My main objection to the game is that X-Factor makes it too high variance, but if the sets are 3/5 then that’s not as much of a problem anymore.


I spent all my money at ECT! T_T Probably won’t be able to make it.


in there and planning to run KoF at 4 PM, no later. with 3 setups. maybe. if that’s not a disgusting amount of floor space.

I dunno. I got people coming late and I wanna make sure they get in there, and KoF sets take a while so gonna shoot for 3 setups if that’s at all possible


If we’re running PS3, I’ll have a copy of the game, and two PS3s that have the DLC.


the setups I have will be 360. it’s not like this is EVO circuit or whatever so if players in general don’t mind there being a PS3 setup in the mix it would be workable. I have a PS3 stick lying around and would gladly just leave it at the station for whoever doesn’t get to run home-stick since they don’t have a dual or a PS3. I’ll be out there on friday and will have a chance to get a better feel for who’s down with this at that time. I’d work with it if needs be, another setup is another setup and thanks MUCH for offering

**EDIT; **also why don’t I have EVO under my name, I’m already registered and the lack of banner under my avatar is honestly beginning to make me nervous, -_-

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I can bring my PS3 for Marvel and AE


King of Fighters doesn’t seem to have many pad players in this area, and the game itself doesn’t seem to be different between 360 and PS3. My main concern is with Street Fighter and also Marvel, which are significantly different on PS3. In any case, I will bring my setups, provided Ryan gives running this one on PS3 his nod of approval.

To get the banner, you had to put your SRK name in the “Shoryuken.com Username” field when registering. You could probably e-mail Mr. Wizard (here) to have it added. As long as you got a confirmation e-mail, I don’t think you need to worry too much about your registration. I’d definitely look into that, though!


Last time we tried to run KOF on PS3 we only could get a single full setup(and I think we had to spend time unlocking things on that one). I’d say PS3 would be acceptable, but only if there’s enough setups available for all games.


Mr. Kurai Ryu has informed me that the tournament will be on PS3, and that he’ll post about it today. Can count on me for two setups, and one more from nodoze. Do we need more than that? Or will the store be able to take care of the rest?

Wouldn’t be bad to run KoF on 360, since HalfEmpty said he could get 2 or 3 setups that way.


Sup guys. If you want the tourneys run on PS3, that’s A-OK with me. Just letting you all know that GU doesn’t have a whole lot of copies of any fighter on PS3 - as Jamie was under the impression that you guys prefer XBOX. I think we may have 1 or 2 copies of AE. No idea if we have Marvel, KOF, etc - but I’m thinking that’s a negative.

We have plenty of PS3’s, and since grabbing internet is much less of a bitch on that system, I don’t think it should be any problem to grab updates and such. Just remember a couple of things: This is a Bring Your Own Controller/Stick tournament! I had a lot of people asking me for sticks during the last tournament, and we don’t really have an abundance of good, working sticks, lol. Also, if your game needs DLC, or IS DLC (Skullgirls, VF, etc.) obviously we’re going to either need setups from you guys, or some of you to log on to your own PSN accounts and re-download via the Share feature. Keep in mind you can only do this with 5 systems other than your own (ever).

If you guys want to run VF, we have a PS3 setup already at the store. If there’s enough interest, I can bring my PS3 as well so we can run this more smoothly. If you guys have any questions, shoot me a text. If you don’t have my number and need it, PM me or ask me tonight or w/e. See you guys!

P.S. I put KOF as TBA so we can pretty much run it when time allows, and whenever all the KOF fighters show up. This is still a local, so we like to keep things nice and relaxed here. On that note, if you show up later than any of the specified times above, you will be DQ’d, banned from the store, I will punch you in the throat and steal your wallet.



[PMS] Chris G’s GF would like to officially state that he is firmly opposed to this being run on PS3. Me, on the other hand, can care less but I would like some more definite regarding what system the tourney is being held on. If I can show up tomorrow, I’ll bring a setup for whatever game on whatever system.