[Jun 16, 2012] SNM: UMVC3 SSF4AE & KOFXIII Tournament @ Gameplay (Long Beach, CA)


[LEFT]FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/2ggaming[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phone Number: Champ - 562 645 6031 Gameplay - 562-421-6880[/LEFT]
[LEFT]stream: twitch.tv/uniteightyseven[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5911 East Spring St.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Long Beach, CA 90808[/LEFT]
[LEFT]June 16th, 2012[/LEFT]
[LEFT]6:00PM - Registration Begins[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7:00PM - Tournament Starts[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Base on the poll gameplay, these are the top 3 games voted by you![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (XBOX 360)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (PS3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]King of Fighters XIII (PS3)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]You must bring your own controller. We have a dual modded house stick and some controller converters. Contact me for more info on that. Don’t assume that the converter will work on your controller.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]To register, just come to our event and register. There’s no online pre registration[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Entry Fee: $5 per game[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Venue Fee: $4 total[/LEFT]
[LEFT]60/30/10% of the pot will be given to top 3 as cash prizes.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Best of 3 for all matches[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Best of 5 for Winners, Losers, and Grands finals[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Default setting[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Double Elimination[/LEFT]
[LEFT]EVO Rules except wireless controllers are allowed.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1 $10 Gameplay gift card[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1 $25 Amazon Gift Card[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Like our facebook page on the day of the tournament for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Also, by entering the tournament, you will instantly be in a drawing for a $10 gift card at GAMEPLAY[/LEFT]
[LEFT]NOS Energy Drink is now supporting us because they like our cause and want to help the gaming community as a whole. At every single one of our event, we will be giving away FREE NOS drinks and swag such as bandana, hats, t shirt, sunglasses, water bottle, etc.! All you gotta do is attend our event and come have fun =) Thank you NOS![/LEFT]

CSULB 49ers! SSF4, MVC3, all other fighting game related businesses

If you missed E3, both 2GG & Gameplay got some extra swag from it and will be giving it away at the event. First come first serve!


Tourney tonight!



1: 949 Wentinel
2: LXG Infrit
3: 949 ytwojay
4: Officer Jenny
5: Tape bot
5: Lieutenant Surge
7: Jint
7: IGT
9: Nurse Joy
9: 949 TEE
9: Godric
9: Haganail
13: Big Tone
13: IGL Royalflush
13: Warcheif
13: Royal Mind
17: Kevin
17: U87 Kazin
17: LXG Steve
17: Darren1300
17: Lorenzo
17: DarknoctasX
17: The One True DevilSephiroth aka dat nigga
17: Fraud L
25: Franco
25: Siderman
25: CodyXGone
25: Matthazard
25: Asterik
25: galz
25: Drew 87
25: Weapon X 562

Bracket: http://i.imgur.com/RSkRg.png

Thanks for coming all!