[Jun 17, 2011] Mortal Kombat Tournament June 17th Baltimore MD (Baltimore MD)

Hey everyone my group is running another awesome fighting game tournament where it is winner takes all and this time its Mortal Kombat 9. It is being held at Club Orpheus which is located in Baltimore City. It is a full bar and dance floor with some great dj’s spinning all night we are currently finishing the scheduling but be sure to check out the page for more information as it becomes available. It costs $5 to get in and $5 for the tournament plus women get into the club free before 10pm. We will be running two brackets one for Xbox 360 and one for PS 3 and be sure to bring your fighting stick if you prefer it. We had a awesome MVC 3 tournament in April so I hope this one is even better.


I wanted to update this and let you all know that besides the awesome MK tourny we will also have Duke Nukum forever on sight to play as well.

Will you have one for sf ae?

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We will hopefully be doing a Street Fighter Arcade Edition tournament in July after its release.

And the event is tonight hope to see some people there.