[Jun 18, 2011] Game Underground Tournament 6-18-11 ae mvc3, mk9! (Framingham, MA)

[SIZE=16px]3pm SSFIVAE 4pm Mortal Kombat 6pm Marvel vs Capcom 3[/SIZE]

1pm Signups/Warmups
3pm Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition $10
4pm Mortal Kombat $10
6pm Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10
All Tournaments are Double Elimination!
$5 Venue Fee Covers ALL TOURNAMENTS!

hello fortunate Daniel. Which date is this tourney on? 16th or 18th. kthxluvubuhbai

hahaha tw tourney dates

yo dan you got to update this thread, fix the dates and get tom’s stream info in there

AsianTom will be providing the stream for us as well! I know this tournament is last minute but I hope people can come out.

Stream URL

In there. I will be going with some other people, too. Are all of the tournaments going to be on 360? Is MK going to be on PS3?

It’s the 18th, in case anyone is still wondering.

gonna def try to make it out to this

Just to let everyone know…LuckyD told me today that the MK portion of the tournament will be on PS3, but the rest will be on 360.

Also, the address is listed as “Worcester St”, but it’s actually “Worcester Rd”. Stop f#$@ing up, LuckyD. :slight_smile: See you on Saturday.

I’ll be there, but this is still listed at the 16th despite the title.

I won’t be able to get there until 5 or 6. I want to sign up for marvel so please sign me up and hopefully I can commentate that to.

yep I’ll get you CB


ggs, wish i coulda made it for ae but o well. was fun

is it 16th or 18th? i dont want to come at the wrong time

tournament is saturday starting at 1pm

so it the tourny today im confused lol


says 3pm dan the fuck dude get organized.

Hey just wanted to say great games to everyone today. Good seein you all. Thanks to Dan and Jamie for hosting and ill will for running Marvel as well! Also thanks for slappin some sense into me Tom, I got my combos after that lol.