[Jun 18, 2011] Lucky's Redemtion(Greensboro, NC) 06/18/2011 (Greensboro, NC)

Lucky’s is now around the corner so come everyone and enjoy yourselves with friends and competition!

Major Games: $10 Entry/person

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition** PS3
Matches: Best 2/3 | Rounds: Best 2/3 | Time: 99 Seconds

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 PS3
Matches: Best 2/3 | Time: 99 Seconds

Minor Games $5 Entry/person

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition** PS3
Matches: Waseda Ruleset | Time: 99 Seconds

Blazblue: Continuum Shift II PS3
Matches: Best 2/3 | Rounds: Best 2/3 | Time: 99 Seconds

Mortal Kombat 9 PS3
Matches: Best 2/3 | Rounds: Best 2/3 | Time: 99 Seconds

Arcana Heart 3 PS3
Matches: Best 2/3 | Rounds Best 2/3 | Time: 99 Seconds

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PS2
Entry fee: $5 | Game Version: Ps2
Game Settings: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike PS2
Entry Fee: $5 | Game Version: Ps2
Game Settings: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games

Tekken 6 (May be run on premises by a second party)
[Someone] has volunteered to bring a set

all games (other than teams): double elimination, 2/3 matches, winners/losers/grand finals 3/5 matches

pot split: 70/20/10***

All games will be played on Lag Free Setups

Further Changes may be made to the Original Post.

Remember, There is a venue fee waived for individuals who bring things qualified as “Set ups”. A set up is 1x Game that is a being hosted in a tournament on tournament day and 1x System to play said tournament Titles.

Also note that Even if you do not bring a set up, Bringing other items Individual Games, Individual Systems, Televisions to play these games, extra controllers because there may be need for these and helping out is always a good way to involve yourself with the Fighting Game Community!!!.

*** The winnings split is subject to change if there is a small amount of participants to the game’s tournament.

As Arcade edition has not actually hit consoles yet, and may still be delayed. If for whatever reason it is delayed, the tournament will use the Super version of the game.

Will be updated with more information promptly

06/02/2011 - Update to OP containing more information on other games, pot split, venue waiver, Etc.

Awh yeah. Mad excited.

I’ll be there, also you spelled redemption wrong and have the date/location twice in the title.

The major games no longer have console version listed.

more Tekken and why is MK a minor?

Is marvel going to be on 360 or Ps3?

Don’t make the same mistake I made at AZ! PS3 all the way! You cannot please everyone.

All games will be run on PS3 and PS2.
Tekken 6 may be run by a third part volunteering to set up and run the tournament themselves. So there may be some Tekken there, though i do not have a definitive answer.

There will be Tekken at Lucky’s. I will bring in a tv, ps3, and a copy of Tekken 6. It would be nice to have someone bring in one or two more set-ups for Tekken, specifically ps3, and a tv that doesn’t lag. And I will run a tournament there. Be expecting to pay $5 to enter the tournament. That doesn’t mean that I’m classifying it as a minor, I just prefer that the side tournament is at a price for everyone to enter if they choose. This can change depending on the output from the community. Rules will be the same as always, Best 3/5 rounds in game, Best 3/5 games, 60 second rounds, and random stage select default (unless specific stage is agreed upon by the participants.) If you have any questions, feel free to send me a pm on here, and I’ll try to respond asap. Hope to see a good turnout for this.

Kuma approves this post.

Ive already got Tekken covered bro. Im ALWAYS at Lucky’s, im ALWAYS early…and im impartial. I would like it if I could be allowed to use the tonamento to run this instead of paper brackets. That will allow the seeded players to be placed properly (Ace, Wonder, Myself) and the rest to be randomized and kept fair.

But definitely bring that setup because that gives us two systems dedicated to the game.

Tekken isnt dead. Never has been.

About Tekken:

maybe with this whole sudden influx of new players around here I may not have made myself clear or introduced myself properly. Hi! Im DeMo. You see the sn here, I am also SilentSymphony on Tekken Zaibatsu. If there’s ANYBODY to talk to about Tekken in NC, im that guy. I may not be the best player in the state but I AM one of the most knowledgeable. If there’s a tournament or a gathering and im there, Tekken is ALWAYS with me, no questions, no ifs ands or buts about it.

With that said, I’ve also proven to be consistent with my tournament attendance. In 4 years I’ve only missed 3 Lucky’s events and I don’t intend to miss this weekend. This means that Tekken will be there and it will be run BY ME as always. Here’s the rules

format is PS3
$5 entry
double elim
3/5 rounds 3/5 matches w 60sec timer
random stage unless agreed on by BOTH players
no special item use
no whining
pot split is 70/20/10 unless entries are low

now I know a few of us play other games (ace plays AE I know and I play MK) so Tekken will start NO LATER than 3pm. this gives people a nice hours cushion and gives them time to come in and get casuals in. other games have to be run and my setup will likely be used for another game, so be on time.

that is all. I look forward to seeing you Saturday.

also there will be a practice session TONIGHT in rdu (that’s Raleigh) for those interested. please pm me here or on tz for details.

Anyone going to have a ps2 to ps3 converter for use?

ill be there to support the tekken movement, as always

I wouldn’t mind building a bracket for you guys. It’s the least i could do. I’m excited to see that Tekken is going to be at the tournament thanks to the efforts of players!

Thats much appreciated. If you do like Corner_Trap and give me the tools, you wont have to worry about a thing. This will run smooth as butter. I will give you all the player info, let you know who the seeded players are, and randomize from there.

Play 3S you assholes.

Tekken? :smiley:

I have streaming equipment if you guys need someone to stream. I should be coming this Saturday. I may need an extra webcam for my PC. Is there internet there that I can use (wired).

this would be so awesome.