[Jun 18, 2011] Madison SC4 Tourney #55 6/18/11 (Madison, WI)

HAPPY GAY PRIDE IN KOREA!!! I know pride is a little different around Madison, but I felt like making some anyway, cuz it’d been a while. While curry is being made, I will be running the tourneys with the help of prolly MysticBill and/or Phil Bond. There’s gonna be a vegan tomato/coconut curry masala and a meatatarian version with heavy cream. Purple rice, also… I know normally it’s been free, but I’ve been kinda poor lately, so I’m gonna ask for $5.00 from each person who would like to have some of my curry.

3:00pm-casuals, signup
6:45pm- SC4
6:45pm- SSFIVAE
8:30 MvC3

Any questions, or you need to contact me, my # is 608-886-8044
or my email is jimmychoi@aol.com or facebk me.

get hype

I wish I would have known earlier :*(

Sorry, looks like I’m going to be missing this one to go to Wausau.

We could def use more notice for these things so we can plan around other events in the area.

Hey im new to madison and kinda late obviousy lol but i would like to come to the next tourny or opening you have