[Jun 18, 2011] Southern Kombat MK9 Tournament - Atlanta GA - June 18th 2011 11am (Atlanta, Ga)


Host: Pig Of The Hut (mortalkombatunited.com) + Ate_Bit_Zombie (testyourmight.com)
Sponsors: MKU

What: Southern Kombat MK9 Tournament - $10 pre registered entry fee, $13 Late entry fee (at the door)

When: June 18th 11am- until it’s over (Tournament will be one day event). Late registration at 10am-11am and not a second later.

Where: 825 Techwood drive Atlanta, Ga 30338 - Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity House

1st Place: Mortal Kombat 9 TE with Stick for system of your choice (or you can take cash value instead)

2nd place: Personalized Shot Glass engraved with your gamer tag on it and your character’s name of choice. $20 DLC card

3rd place: $20 DLC card

Food and drinks provided – all money and proceeds are going towards cost of venue, prizes, food, drink and tournament costs only.

Full Stream provided so come show thousands of viewers your talent and skill.

Exhibition side tournament will be held as well free of charge and will be streamed when Southern Kombat tournament is taking a short break.

Q&A and commentary from MKU and TYM staff and members. (Open also to trmk, srk and other well known and respected sites)

Open for 16,32 or 64 players but have the ability to accept more.

Side money matches placed between individuals allowed and will be monitored.

Double Elimination – Winners and Loser Bracket

PS3 IS the system of choice

Kratos Banned

Kratos stage banned

No douche bags allowed

Winners must keep same character, loser can choose any character.

First few rounds are Best of 3

Semis Best of 5

Finals First to 5

Bracket will be finalized June 18th and publicly posted at the tournament and online on all affiliated sites.

Any Questions? I Will answer fast
Final Notes: When I said that I’ll provide all food and drinks I’d like to get recommendations of what my participants would like. Chips, hot dogs, burgers, chick fila nugget trays?? I’m all ears. I’m hosting this tournament to give Atlanta players and southeast some love and to provide a very competitive and socially engaging good time.

Pre register by sending $10 to Kainenj@gmail.com on Paypal or pay $13.00 at the door the morning of the tournament.

Paypal me your Name, gamer tag you’re planning to use and location coming from.

Also any requests for food? assorted sandwiches? chick fila nugget trays? fruit? chips? what kind? Come on im serious i want to provide for you guys. Im just not bring 30 + filet Mignons.

Oh and I also wanted to post that ive gotten numerous adds on xbl and ps3 as well as private messages on MKU and TYM where people have googled MK Tourney atlanta and are coming to this.

Good luck to all and post in here if you’re attending


Hi. I will be coming. I only have an Xbox joystick if that’s ok…

Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

I will be in attendance


I am so there


Eshmasesh… did you not read this before you leaped into saying your there…like SERIOUSLY???


i’ll be going


Thank you so much everyone for your private messages and public interest in this tournament. Really shaping up to be a great tournament where all the best GA players can show their skills.


this is gonna be an awesome tourney…yall ready to get rocked!!!


I dont follow…is there a problem? Hope to see you there if u think u got what it takes in MK :slight_smile:


Hey buddy - I see u make music too :slight_smile:

Check out my site bambamguitar.com

We should talk


If I think I got it…

You just joined SRK didn’t you…
Might want to do ya home work buddy


I did just “join” to promote this tourney but I’ve been coming here a while. I fully expect you to bring your confidence in your MK skills to the tourney and if u get knocked out before playing me we can setup some quick money matches or exhibition on the side. See u there


Not for 13 dollars at the door you won’t lol
Not really a bad price but above the tournament standard for tournaments in Ga who have history.
I’ll be sure to send a few killers next weekend if they change there mind, I wounder if Juggernaut is coming hummm


Well you could bet me $20 a match and win a Lot and Juggs is not competing but may come to setup umk3 casuals. He doesn’t want any of me in mk9 and neither do u :).

If u want that money match let me know - u can just come for that

Also Kalipixi and I are setting mortal kombat Tuesday’s at either the highlander or at java lords in downtown area. It’ll be free weekly tournaments for fun so you will have plenty of opportunities to show me up :slight_smile:


If i lived in the east coast id be there without a doubt. Good shit Pig, have fun bro!


cool-breeze… did you not know that I play MK9 and live 15 minutes away from tech? What the hell are you talking about?


Parking instructions:

Best place to park is the space behind the house which is limited. More free parking can be found here:

Here is the map of the parking locations on Georgia Tech campus:

You are going to want to tell people to park in lot E52 (it is purple on the map and basically in the center of campus). It is called Peter’s Parking Deck and the entrance is on 4th and Fowler Street. It should be free on the weekends, so people can just roll right in. There will definitely be ample parking for everyone.

To get from the house from there, head out the entrance and follow Fowler Street. Take the first right on 5th Street and head up the hill. We are the last house on the left right before the bridge. It is Phi Sigma Kappa and the address is 825 Techwood Dr.


Stream link is: www.Justin.tv/bambamguitar

Spread the word goes live between 11-12noon tomorrow

I’m exhausted, see you guys tomorrow at the tourney + stream


Man that was tons of fun - Wish i could do that every week.

Major shout outs to everyone for coming and helping out with the TVs and PS3.

Dque - Some spectators who came brought out the video camera for your cyrax, not for anyone else, i dont know if you know this. LOL, you’re cyrax is a massive punish machine and those 60%+ combos no xray were sick. Really admire your cyrax

Cyusstrike - Loved watching your sub zero and kitana skills. I thought i knew from Sub zero players on this site what a Sub Zero BNB combo looks like until i saw yours with the double freeze…great stuff. Ive never seen fans that fast from kitana w combos to punish it through. Great stuff man, look forward to more matches

GDF - Great kung lao, very defensive and offensive and you got almost to losers finals. One thing i noticed yesterday was everyone that was there could “ball” and they what they were doing, great to see.

Subzerosmokerai - Loved the smoke and great to finally meet you. We had some good mactches casually and in the tournament. Thank you so much to you and your brother for bringing the TVs and PS3s. Major help man!!!

Sk8erleap - i wish you guys on the stream could have saw more from his reptile cause we were playing casual games a lot and his reptile was sick. definitely automatic 40%+ combos on punish and great use of dash. He figured out my mileena near end of casuals and ruined her a few times. great stuff

Jay - really great meeting you, super nice guy and funny as hell. I thought one of the best kung laos there and then when we played in losers Semi you bring out Stryker??? AHHHH Nooo, LOL. Ive never seen stryker played like that and really was tough. Love to get more games in.

Beeneeweenees - KANO!!! Glad you made it out man and thanks for bringing the most bad ass lagless monitor ive ever seen. Really enjoyed the casuals w corey and you before and after. Your kano was making noise on people, took out some really good players., Love to do more sometime.

Lordofthefly - Dude, those were the most intense matches ever, we’ve played so many offline games and those were about as epic as epic can be. momentum changes were huge each round and match to match, we both went streaking in grand finals. You have the best NW out of any MK player and im totally comfortable claiming that. You’re combos with him are unlike any ive seen offline, tourneys, online, streams, anything. You are the lord of the NW. Really looking forward to playing more. Also major props to you for getting to Winners finals without losing, you beat a lot of great players. your Match with JAY was epic.

Pixie - i was wrong to some degree, im loving the sub and you and cyussstrike need to talk ASAP about buffing that sub because he’s got mad skills with him. I was trying to watch him on the side to see if i could later help you. Really looking forward to our offline Tuesday Throwdowns we’ve talked about organizing. You got some great potential and i really want to help with it. MAJOR PROPS for bringing the tournament tv we streamed from and ps3. MAJOR HELP!!! really appreciate your support through whole event. It was great to meet WILL as well. Great guy!


  1. Pig of the Hut (Ermac, C Sub, Mileena - Mku + Tym)
  2. Lord of the Fly (Nightwolf, Shang Tsung - Mku - Tym)
  3. Beeneeweenees (Kano - Tym)
  4. Jay (Kung Lao, Stryker - SRK)

Most talked about player (due to mad skill shown) Dque, i mean people were bringing out the cameras everytime he played to video what he was doing. LOL thats crazy.

Major shout out to Lordiceman, Clint and all the revival guys were coming to hang out spectate and do money matches and casuals. Really looking forward to more games with all you guys. Sucks the lightning came and power went out…LOL Raiden was pissed!!!