[Jun 18, 2011] Yupz,Get Moneyz Monthlies! (Birmingham ,Al)

randomly I’ll be in the area for this!

imma have to ride up and bring a few of the old Dtown crew to get beat down I’ll hit you up somtime before then foo

I should be able to be there. It just stinks that I found out about all this right before I have to go on temporary duty to Fort Benning for the summer. (I live in Hoover!) But I’ll do my best to show up for the tourney!

Might have to make this one.

Think I still have a venue fee from like three months ago.

What time do we need to be there?

registration starts at 11
tourney at 1

I will be there. Im from VA, visiting my fam this summer. I need to get in some practice before Nashville tourney. Anyone want to get in Casuals let me know. Im down in Helena, but I can travel around. Hit me up 423-366-5001. Also, I only brought 360 setup, so i dont have my PS3 stick wit me. Any chance i can borrow a stick at the tourney? Thx Bama. I look forward to a strong community. I know there are great Tekken players, but what about love for 2D’s?

Come by Auburn on Friday nights and learn about MvC and Zangief.

Where at in Auburn? I would love to come out. I think thats a couple hours away.

Might be able to make it. Half dead from CEO but I’m only three hours from the 'ham. How many attendees do these usually have?

Oh, you might make it out too Duckie? You should go just so our TTT shirts can reunite.

with regulars 20-25

also couple of mods possibly . I know I need one or two done.

I’ll be riding with a friend down from Chattanooga. Bringing a Monitor & PS3.

I bring surprise Saturday.

Based GOD?

Will be there early again.

We play at Legacy at Auburn apartments every friday at 8 until everyone leaves or passes out.

Check out this thread (PM SSJ George Bush for directions) around Friday for info.

EDIT: Forgot thread link

Lol RabidDuckie coming to my local tournies? Hahahahah I’ve seen it all, man.

Seriously though a lot of people at work are saying we might have to work saturday, which is balls.

lol… blame Raekwon! He beat my ass at Cinderslam last month and I’ve been wanting to fix that! :tup:

I can bring a PS3, two sticks, and an EVO monitor.

good stuff^