[Jun 18, 2012] STLBW 2.0 | Mahvel Mondaze: Death in June [UMVC 3, GG:AC] (St. Louis, MO)


Oh, what a MAHVELous Mondaze do we have planned for you all! The national choice for fighting game entertainment returns and of course, this event will go towards the ASTONISH series being held at the end of the year! We also have a treat for the sprite heads as Guilty Gear:Accent Core is making its way to the BarCade for the side tournament. Here’s hoping the recent talk and excitement for GG translates into a well attended throwdown!

Lord knows that CEO is gonna be crazy hype, so I’m sure there will be a post-CEO synopsis to see where the FGC is at right at the cusp of EVO. We sure hope to see you there!

-mmc baztastic


Doors @ 6:30pm

Registration @ 7:30pm
Final Call @ 8:15pm

[$5] 8:30 pm - Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 [3/5 FORMAT]
[$5] 9:30 pm - Guilty Gear: Accent Core

All the nights tourneys are double elimination.
70/20/10 payout.

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We are now live!

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