[Jun 2, 2012] [ JUNE 2ND] MBB (MEMPHIS BAWSE BATTLES) -WE RULE KANG! COME GET... (memphis,tn)


DGA Memphis proudly presents…Memphis Bawse Battles! We rule Kang!



Definition of the word BAWSE
Bawse= To achieve a higher level of skill supremacy and or achieve Godlike enlightenment. Can also be used to define a rather Godlike or Hype moment.

Holiday inn & suites (behind wolfchase galleria mall)
2751 new brunswick road
memphis,tn 38133
telephone: 901 266 1952

Outside food and drinks are prohibited inside the venue! Complimentary water will be provided. Food places are literally right across the street from the venue. Many places to choose from including the food court inside the mall which is also across the street from the venue. AGAIN NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE!!!
Info on room discounts and surrounding hotel options will be posted real soon so please keep checking back if you are planning on reserving a room for the weekend.

If you are looking to reserve a room with holiday inn we are happy to inform you that the DGA crew has secured a mega BAWSE discount on rooms just for you!
The going rate is $139 a night but if you act now, you shall get the room for just $99 a night! How’s that for a discount? The hotel is really nice and the rooms all have double queen beds and a fridge also! the hotel is also near just about every food location you can think of,especially Memphis most famous and best chicken place ever GUS’S.
Just be sure to follow the link provided on here to reserve your rooms and be sure to add the word BAW on the group code to ensure your discounted rate.


If you wish to call instead to make reservations,please call the hotel directly or call 1-800-465-4329 and ask for the group name “Memphis Bawse Battles” to get the discounted rates.

Your Tournament crew:

Jas ( DGA Gdlk Rushdown)
Stephen ( JMD Squabbler) Riley
Orel (Lycan) Paez
Sova (Super Sova Nova) Yos
Dax (Daxmanineffect) Foster
Joshua( SRKFADC) Gatewood

Entry fee will be $15 and $10 for any games entered.Mystery game is $5 cover.Spectator fee will be $5

70/20/10 pot split for top 3 in all games and top 5 in all games get 1 free bye in the upcoming MWC Major in Nahsville,TN. First place finishers get 2 free byes and free venue entry to MWC!

For more info on MWC please follow the link provided: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/jun-22-2012-evo-series-mwc-2012-nashville-tn-june-22-24-2012-3-days-of-antioch-tn.152079/

Custom made trophies will be awarded for first place finishers in all games except sfxt which instead will be championship belts!

Mystery game top 4 finishers will each get a secret prize as rewards instead of pot split. Entry fee for the mystery game will cover the expenses for the prizes. Mystery game will also consist of 5 different games, single elimination, with grand finals consisting of a 4 player deathmatch in a very special and hype game! This is an event you don’t want to miss!!

Streaming is also to be provided by PandaxGaming

Here is the schedule as follows:

11:30am-King of Fighters 13
1pm-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012
4pm-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
6pm-Street Fighter X Tekken ( teams only!) 2v2
6pm-Soul Calibur V(ps3)
7pm-Mystery Game Tournament

Rules are as follows: No game breaking glitches/infinites/turbo/macro settings in any game and no gems in sfxt. this is a B.Y.O.S! Bring yo own shit! Neither sticks nor pads or converters will be provided for anyone so please make sure you bring your own. We will not hold the tournament for anyone not having a device to play on so I suggest you get that taken care off ahead of time. All games are to be played on Xbox360 minus the mystery game which will be on a separate system and controllers will be provided for that.

If you are going to be late signing up for a game that has already started you will not be accommodated into the brackets unless the matches are still on the first round of the bracket and there is also a open bye to spot you in. If we are able to get you into the bracket then keep in mind that it will be an extra 5 dollar fee to the already 10 charge for whatever game it is you are signing up for. With that being said it is highly recommended that you please make sure to be on time to sign up and if you are gonna be late for whatever reason but have a friend attending also, have them sign you up and pay your fees!


5v5 in kof 13= Team TN vs Team Alabama ( $20 per player)

5v5 in SF4 AE= Team Nashville vs Team Memphis ( $20 per player)

5v5 in UMVC3= Team Memphis vs Team ARK ($20 per player)

THE FAMOUS T-SHIRT MATCH! 3 years in the making! GDBELL vs Storyteller ft5 in sf4 ae ( loser must relinquish his shirt at the moment of defeat)

and yet to be added money matches!

All the extra events will be recorded live courtesy of Dax ( Daxmanineffect) Foster in his recording station so as not to interfere with the main tournament games. So any salty runbacks,mm, etc are to go trough him.

Also there is a ZERO tolerance for tardiness! You the player is solely responsible for keeping track of your matches that you have to play. We will call your name 3 TIMES for a match! If you do not respond we will add you into our timer system in our computer then give you a 3 minute warning in which case we will disqualify you regardless of who you are! I don’t care if your name is Daigo or Obama or the damn pope! Let’s all act like grown man and show some responsibility! And one more thing! PLEASE SHOWER AND DEODORIZE BEFORE ENTERING THE VENUE!!!

We will not tolerate smelly people and we will spray you with febreeze, so please show some decency! Other than that come,enjoy, and have a great time!

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One week to go! Get hype!


ok the page has been updated! sfxt is 1v1, 5v5 for marvel between memphis and ark was added and soul calibur v will be run on ps3!


ARK will be there!

Tennessee Thread-"I Pushed An Old Lady In A Ditch And All She said was..'ITS MAVEL BABY!'

Is Marvel going to be 3/5 the whole way? That’s the way majors have been leaning since Final Round and I think that’s the way to go!


Marvel IS 3/5 so no worries there



King of Fighters XIII
18 entrees - $180 pot



1: ShinBlade ($126.00)
2: Lil_Majin ($36.00)
3: JFord ($18.00)
4: BoomCube
5: Arson
5: Severin
7: Kinetik
7: Bishop
9: Maxninja
9: NegroJustice
9: ABC123 FlyMike
13: PxG Chaosem
13: Sunstone
13: Locke
13: NaughtyZeut
17: G-ram
17: Gamer D-Wreck

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012
32 entrees - $320 pot



1: RagingRaven ($224.00)
2: BoomCube ($64.00)
3: Kinetik ($32.00)
4: ARK SmokeMaxX
5: JFord
5: Severin
7: w00tsick
7: NegroJustice
9: Martin
9: PxG | SolidxPanda
9: Squabbler
9: DaxManInEffect
13: BBN.Ragnarok
13: lol pengiun lol
13: Kyoji
13: Mel Bipson
17: Neoblood
17: Prof. Gene
17: Rukus
17: Ruthless_Brotha
17: NaughtyZeut
17: Lil_Majin
17: Arson
17: Lycan
25: GDBell
25: Blue Tangu
25: ABC123 FlyMike
25: PxG Chaosem
25: Sith PC
25: Maxninja
25: Brosay_Cuervo
25: RWA Announcer

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
28 entrees - $280 pot



1: Wandles ($196.00)
2: PxG Supwichu ($56.00)
3: HyperDriveX ($28.00)
4: Bishop
5: Storyteller
5: ARK SmokeMaxX
7: w00tsick
9: GBS Giovanni
9: ARK | ZBT AfroMH
9: ShinBlade
9: Rukus
13: Severin
13: Azure Phoenix
13: Zayboo
13: GLH3
17: RWA Announcer
17: Blue Tangu
17: Seel
17: Lil_Majin
17: Locke
17: Zero350
17: DGA Gdlk Rushdown
17: lol pengiun lol
25: GDBell
25: Fox
25: Mel Bipson
25: Dark Madness
25: PxG Chaosem

Street Fighter X Tekken
11 entrees - $110 pot



1: RagingRaven ($77.00)
2: lol pengiun lol ($22.00)
3: Martin ($11.00)
4: PxG | SolidxPanda
5: Neoblood
5: JFord
7: PxG Chaosem
7: 2-D
9: RWA Announcer
9: Pinapple Man
9: GLH3

Soul Calibur V
17 entrees - $170 pot



1: ThrillerMan ($119.00)
2: Big Majin ($34.00)
3: Dr. Mario Kart ($17.00)
4: ShinBlade
5: FoxvBowser
5: BBN.Ragnarok
7: ABC123 FlyMike
7: Lil_Majin
9: Gamer D-Wreck
9: Bishop
9: Mick
9: Azure Phoenix
13: Brosay_Cuervo
13: Maxninja
13: Seel
13: GLH3
17: PxG Chaosem
17: RWA Announcer

Mystery Game Tournament
Rd1 :: Trojan VS Mode
Rd2 :: Power Rangers The Fighting Game
Rd3 :: TMNT Tournament Fighters
Rd4 :: (Grand Finals) Mario Kart 64 Battle Mode 4-player

Mystery Game


1: Bishop
2: Prof. Gene
3: Rukus
4: ABC123 FlyMike
5: Gamer D-Wreck
5: DaRabidDuckie
5: w00tsick
5: GLH3
9: Kinetik
9: Sith PC
9: PxG Supwichu
9: Martin
9: Lycan
9: Blue Tangu
9: SuperSovaNova
17: G-ram
17: GDBell
17: PxG Chaosem
17: Maxninja
17: Locke
17: Reel Scarlet
17: Severin
17: DaxManInEffect
17: ARK SmokeMaxX
17: Pinapple Man
17: RWA Announcer
17: BBN.Ragnarok
17: Dark Madness
17: jus10blaze
17: ShinBlade
17: RagingRaven
33: NaughtyZeut
33: NegroJustice
33: JFord
33: BoomCube
33: Arson


How did i get last in kof? I went 1 and 2 and beat srk who got 9th.


B/c it was a 32-man bracket with 18 people … so all but 4 people got first round byes. You vs Josh just happened to be one that didn’t get byes. Then Josh won 3 matches in losers bracket. You went 0-2 after that first round win.


Shoutouts to all the tournament staff. This was one of the best-run, best smelling tournaments I’ve ever been to. If there are any future MBB tournaments, I will be in there no doubt.


glad you guys had a good time. i wwill see ya at ark v


Had an amazing time seeing you cats. Shoutouts to everyone. Seriously.


Nice seeing what Memphis Soul Calibur is about. Hope I can come back soon.