[Jun 2, 2012] MBB (MEMPHIS BAWSE BATTLES) -WE RULE KANG! COME GET... (memphis,tn)

Tournament is cancelled

LMAO at Jose telling people not to smell like hot doo doo in bold in the OP. I think all tournament threads should include this same verbiage from now until eternity.

Get y’all’s tweeters in that OP!

LOL - I think we should contact Febreeze and have them sponsor the tournament to prove their shit works … Have the febreeze girls walking around spraying stanky people.

Lmfao!!! I can almost guarantee you that someone WILL get sprayed!

Tennessee: Where we don’t like stankass-ness and acknowledge hygiene

I’ll be there and Im bringing a few cats with me, if you all need any help running the tourney then please let me know and I can get there early to help do so.

Please help me find Martin!

We in there? Possibly. Had to make this right before my sister’s wedding eh?

Hey man how was I supposed to know your sis was getting married around that time lol.
The best wedding gift you can possibly give her is to show up to MBB. DO IT!!!

Ok guys, I need to sup up on Kang and SFxT so tomorrow i need some training. Juri and Yoshi make a badass team.

Can there be a sign that says NO STANK ASS NIGGAS outside the venue?

Only one of them has to be orange and a butterface with fake tittes like that one NOS chick at Final Round.

Yo, good shit on the thread Jose. Now all there is to do is promote!

Yeah, she had ass too. Just sayin’ tho’

Most likely Bama will be definitely interested in that 5v5. Gonna talk it over with the Roll Tide Council and see what’s up.

You know what we need is like a crew of cats dressed like 80’s movie gang members going around spraying people with axe if they stank or kicking people out lol