[Jun 2, 2012] Northwest Majors 4: ROAD TO EVO (Des Moines, WA)



For all the latest news, go to


Highline Community College
Student Union Building
2400 S 240th St, Des Moines (Seattle), WA 98198

http://maps.highline.edu/pdfs/maps.pdf (Building #8 is the one we are in)

Game List
Street Fighter x Tekken Singles*
Super Street Fighter IV AE v.2012*
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3*
Mortal Kombat*
Soul Calibur V*
The King of Fighters XIII*
SSF2:Turbo - Evo Tournament of Legends Qualifier
Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend
Skullgirls: Sponsored by Autumn Games
*Marked games will receive Evolution 2012 Seeding points

All Game Rules will be posted here. Any and all changes will be posted there
Note: We reserve the right to change the rules at any time, for any reason



Tournament Registration Fee
$25 till May 23rd (there will also be a $2 charge for online processing)
$40 at the Door
Every Official game is $10 registration

1-63 entrants (Top 3) - (65%/25%/10%)
64-95 etnrants (Top 4) - (65%/25%/10%/$20)
96-127 entrants (Top 6) $100 Bonus (65%/25%/10%/$30/$20)
128+ entrants (Top 8) $100 Bonus (65%/25%/10%/$30/$25/$20)

When you show up, it is best to bring proof of registration to make everything
go as smooth as possible

Pool Check-In Rules
You have 15 minutes to check-in at your pool(s) for roll call. If you aren’t at your pool within 15 minutes of roll call and your match announced, you will be immediately disqualified from the winners bracket. If you’re in more than one pool during the same time slots, be sure to check-in with the judges of all your pools, to let them know you are in multiple pools before starting your play.

If you appear for roll call and your match is announced, you have 5 minutes to acknowledge your match prior to being disqualified from the winners/losers bracket. Judges will provide leniency to this rule to those only who have checked-in, and are marked for multiple pool play during the same time slot.

Travel and Accommodations:
Best Airport to Fly in to:
SeaTac International

Hotel Options
There are about 20 hotels in the Seatac area around the Airport and Venue. The venue is about 4 miles south of the Airport.
Best Options
Plaza By The Green http://www.plazabythegreen.com/
24415 Russell Rd, Kent WA 98032
253 854 8767
$89 per Night
Code: Highline
Sleep Inn
20406 International Blvd, Seatac
Online Rate: $74 per Night
Working on Special Rates with Code: Northwest Majors
Special Rate ETA is April 1st
Holiday Inn Express
19621 International Blvd, Seatac
206 824 3200
$89 per Night
Code: Highline
Friday: Welcome To NWM Get Together being planned
Saturday: Fight (TBD)
Sunday: Fight (TBD)




http://twitch.tv/khaosgamingtv <-- ALL DAY VF Stream

Make sure to visitwww.NorthwestMajors.com for the latest info!

FaceBook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/394138553947651/


When will the schedule be posted for this tournament?


The schedule is still currently being configured at the moment, if you have any specific questions in regards to it, I might be able to answer them now though.


I want to leave on Sunday evening if possible and I just want to know what time SC5 and MK9 will be wrapping up on the Sunday.


There is a good chance, by good chance I mean VERY VERY good chance MK9 and SCV will be over before 2pm. Will know for sure closer to the event date, but they will be earlier in the day sunday


For anyone reading, the only thing I can guarantee is that the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Tournament of Legends qualifier will be on, and conclude, Saturday, June 2nd.






Pre-Registration: Do it!!! Save you money and time and gets you into the Friday Welcome Party!

Set Ups: We need set ups for all games. The goal is 40++ set ups! We are giving extra raffle tickets for complete set ups. We have a lot of stuff set up for the raffle, so should be worth it!
If you can commit to a set up let me know!




Sponsor list climbing…


Is MK9 just going to be MK9 or is it Komplete Edition? I don’t use any of the DLC characters but I want to know if I would end up having to play against them at this tournament.


Its essentially the MK9 Komplete Edition. ALL DLC will be allowed. Banned items are listed on the NWM rules page.


http://northwestmajors.com/nwm4-payout-system-defined Payout


Bummed that sfxt went from singles to 2v2 now back to singles. Been practicing with a partner for the last month D: atleast this way I wont have any fingers pointed when I’m whiffing hard


Little bit of press coverage, I know its about ST, but its coverage for us :slight_smile:

ALSO Brokentier has been added to the sponsorship list!!


NorCal going


So, has a schedule been made for this tournament yet? At least what time do we have to be there on the Saturday.


Slash5150, you have an email i can reach u at.



Yeah @gmail.com or slash@northwestmajors.com


This is a very rough idea of what scheduling will look like.


All the pools will be in certain blocks (basically (# of pools/4) and we will do our best to make sure you aren’t playing in multiple games or anything like that. If you have any concerns IE your flight being late/needing to leave at a certain time, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email registration@northwestmajors.com so we can make sure that accommodations are made.