[Jun 2, 2012] Waco: Fight for the Future (Your Final Evo prep Tourney!) (Hewitt, TX)


The Texas scene just keeps growing and growing and now Waco is trying to resurface and put itself back on the Texas news with the rest of CenTex! KTB will be hosting the tournament in Hewitt, TX at the Ramada Hotel.

With what could possibly be your last tournament practice only just a month before Evo! So spread the word and mark it on your calendars! Last chance to see where you stand among Texas players.

  • Waco FftF will be ran on** PS3** and on EVO VH236H ASUS monitors.
  • We will be using Tournament Maker for the best possible seeding by location and skill.
  • To maintain on schedule, we are being strict when it is time to play your match. WE WILL DISQUALIFY and put you in the Losers pool. If you are already in the Losers pool, YOU WILL GET PEACED OUT. *no refunds will be given so be sure to check with the judge/staff if you need to step out for a smoke/restroom break, or to take a call.
  • We’re only running the 3 biggest games that will be featured at EVO. SFxT, AE, and UMvC3

June 2, 2012

Ramada Hotel
778 Sun Valley Blvd, Hewitt, TX 76643

Registration Time:
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM <<<<<< REGISTRATION TIME!>>>>>>>

Start Time:
1:30 PM (UMvC3) until Finals
3:30 PM (SFxT) until Finals
5:30 PM (SSFIVAE) until Finals
7:30 PM (SFxT Finals)
8:30 PM (SSFIVAE Finals)
9:30 PM (UMvC3 Finals)
**This is a tentative schedule. We do not anticipate a large turnout due to how close it is to EVO and players wanting to save money, so some games may end and start earlier than posted. *

Street Fighter X Tekken (Pre- 1.04 patch) *New Update!
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


  • We will have (6) ASUS monitors available to run the tournament
  • However we do not have enough copies of each due to almost everyone owning the Xbox version only. (What’s up with that?)
  • So we are knocking off $5 from your venue fee if you would like to provide a copy of either of the three games to use throughout the entire tourney.
  • FREE VENUE FEE if you bring all three games! Based on a first come, first served!

Venue = $10
Per game = $10

1st Place 70%
2nd Place 20%
3rd Place 10%

PlayStation® 3 (wireless controllers are banned)

*All games will follow the standard EVO tournament rules

  • Double Elimination
  • Best 2 of 3 games up until Finals
  • Best 3 of 5 games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals
  • SFxT specific: Gems banned. Console exclusive characters are banned. Infinites are banned (3 repetition limite) *note: will verify this ban via EVO website and/or staff
  • Be respectful of the venue, hotel guests/visitors/staff, other players, and yourselves
  • You press pause, you pay the price ~ Forfeit the round. Notify staff for final call if non-pausing players wishes to continue (I’m sure this won’t be needed, but there is always that 10%)
  • If you don’t know the rules by now, better learn them quick or ask someone

Contact Information:
Rotendo: (619) 324-9480
iHiryu: (254) 247-5119

For further info and questions, just hit us up on here or by the above numbers.

Poster coming soon!


Baylor, Waco Fighters>?
CenTex: Killeen - We're Not Dead, We've Moved To Facebok! https://www.facebook.com/groups/146505068





Street Fighter X Tekken

  1. Frank
  2. Ray
  3. Jeff

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012

  1. Steve (Hypersurge)
  2. Ray
  3. Carlos

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Carlos
  2. Ben
  3. Steve (Hypersurge)


What? No skullgirls? Awww mayne,lol. I’m running one on the side then,lol


no soul calibur. no bueno


Shut up, Vic! lol You still playing Marvel?



We’re short a few copies of SFxT, AE, and UMvC3. So remember, we’re giving discounts if you bring your PS3 copy/copies in! :wow:

Looks like our streaming partnet, Boomgorillas are booked for the same weekend. So although there won’t be anything streamed, we are making an effort to at least get the finals recorded via magic (aka camera)

Don’t hesitate to text/call us, info is above. Thanks you

  • Rotendo


Oooh, should I go…should I go…will I concede to the chance of most likely getting blown the fuck up ^^;

Edit: ANd should I buy digital copy of SSFIV AE ^^;


Eh the heck with it, I’m in.


Less than a month! Get hype!



Okay, in light of the current patch on SFxT, what’s gonna happen?

Also: Anyone kinda bummed that there’s another tournament happening in Laredo?


We’re going to run SFxT, without the 1.04 patch. Players will play with rules that are already in place. That way, Rolento players will be able to play to their full extent without the risk of losing a round/game due to the critical bug on version 1.04.

No. Not bummed at all. They’re 5 hours away and there was nothing that they could do about the dates. Since the sponsors are calling all the shots, that was the date given to run the event. You’re not going to say no t someone who is giving you $1,000 to add to the pot.

This wasn’t meant to be a huge tourney with a hug turnout anyway. We’re expecting a few players, whoever, from CenTex, and maybe Austin and San Antonio, since Waco/Hewitt is closer than Laredo. There is also something going down in Dallas, with the Grand Opening of a new venue that Boom Gorillas is tied to, however that date isn’t solid as far as they know. Though we can pretty much count them out, because they declined the invite from the events page on FB. So it must have gone through. No biggie, we’ll record the matches and upload them later.




SFxT will be ran using Pre-1.04 Patch! Existing rules apply to all known bugs.



I think I’m gonna rescind my entrance. Job has almost just about laid me off, or fire me under some BS pretense. Also, I KNOW I’m gonna get blown the hell up.


I’m planning on going, but if I bring 2 games, will I get a bigger discount, or is the bigger discount only if you bring all 3? And is there a parking fee for the hotel for people competing? Thanks. :slight_smile:


No fee for parking.
We’ll waive venue fee for proving your two copies. Just wanted to reiterate what I said via text.



To all I will be bringing streaming equipment and will post the stream up when I get there…or tonight to do some test runs.


Had a slight issue with not being able to locate a power cord for a slim PS3. Son had it taken away several times and over the course of time, it was misplaced. Have to update it real quick, then I’m off. Only 9:30 so will still have plenty of time to make it and setup in time for registration.

Paul should have left by now, so for some reason anyone is left super early, he can take names and when I get in, will take your entry fees and enter you into the system.




I posted in the Baylor/Waco thread and got an answer from ihiryu but just wanted to double check that it would be fine if a friend of mine brought his PS3 wireless controller, making sure to use a usb cable and turn it off after his game. I know it says they are banned. Just checking before we head over later. Thanks.


Don’t worry we got you covered