They say that money comes and goes,

And that all good things must come to an end.

***Those who seek to become the next $killionaire however, would say otherwise… ***

*** If you forget where you came from, how will you know where you’re headed…?***

Queens, NY - A more local local
Brooklyn players unite!
Queens, NY - A more local local
Next Level Arcade, NYC

The Guardians of Skillionaire & Next Level Arcade Present:

**$$$ S K I L L I O N A I R E **F I G H T I N G $$$

*Skillionaire 2012 is a 4-day event spanned across the months of summer. *

The first event will be held on: June 22nd*. *

Each event (heats) will feature the three main titles. Results and points gained will carry over to subsequent heats.


Next Level Arcade
4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street)
Brooklyn, NY 11232
D Train or M Train to 9th Avenue // Alternative:** B35** Bus to 8th Avenue

[LEFT]Venue Fee: $10[/LEFT]
Entry Fee: $3/Game (only $9 to enter all three tournaments!)
[LEFT]Day & Session Start: Friday, June 22nd @7PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Practice Sessions: 5pm - 7pm[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sign-Ups: 6pm - 7pm[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Featured Titles[/LEFT]
**CAPCOM vs SNK 2 **(PS2 - Default Options (Timer 999, Dmg 2, Speed 3)

**VAMPIRE SAVIOR **(PS2 - [Dipswitch Setting: 1997/05/19ver] Default Damage (DMG 2), Default Timer (99), Speed Setting: TURBO 3, No speed/mode selection)

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 (PS2 - [***Dipswitch Setting:*] - Default Settings)

TMNT: TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS (SNES - Special Presentation: 5v5 Poverty Exhibition - Hi-Speed1, 90secs)

Tournament Format
[LEFT]First Place Prize: There is no pot split, this is WINNER-TAKE-ALL! That’s right, walk away with a fat check and a stack of $killions![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Double Elimination[/LEFT]
[]Winner of a set (2/3 games) Advances, loser gets a second and final chance in the Losers Bracket to fight to the top of the grid.
]Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals: WILL ALL BE 2-out-of-3 GAMES (First to two wins)
[LEFT]Bracket Assignment[/LEFT]
[*]Skill Level Seeding
Players are awared points based on their placement in the respective tournament entered. The point distribution is as follows:

1st Place - 10 Points
2nd - 6 Points
3rd - 4 Points
4th - 3 Points
5th & 6th (tie) - 2 Points

  • 7th & 8th (tie) - 1 Point*

[LEFT]In the $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING events following, participants will be seeded/arranged in brackets based on total accumulated points from prior $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING tournaments (regardless of team affiliation or region). Top4 will usually be seeded unless total # entrants exceeds 15players in which top8 will then be seeded. For \HEAT1// only will participants be seeded by team affiliation (upon request) and region![/LEFT]

Rules & Stipulations
[]WINNER of a game MUST stay with the same character (For CVS2 the winner MUST KEEP THE SAME TEAM AND RATIO SETTINGS but is allowed to change character order before the start of the next game)*
[*]LOSER has the option to change their character/team/ratios
[LEFT]**Double Blind Pick **(Upon request)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Before the start of the first game in a set, either player may request a Double Blind Pick. Both players reveal their selection to an available judge (****For CVS2, players must reveal to a judge their groove selection, character(s) selection AND the ratio assignment they intend to use for the first game.)[/LEFT]
Judges: see Rithli, Min or Zar

[LEFT]Side Selection[/LEFT]
[]Any player may request a coin toss for player side BEFORE STARTING THE FIRST GAME.
]Winner of coin toss chooses player side and remains on that side for the entire set.
[]Loser has the option of selecting a stage of their choice.
]If there is a reset in GF’s then either player may again request a coin toss to determine player side (as this is an entirely new set).
[]CVS2: Evil Ryu, Blood Iori, God Rugal, Shin Akuma/Gouki
]VSAV: No Shadow (body snatcher), no Marionette (Shadow Gallon/Talbain is allowed)
[*]SFA2: Shin Akuma/Gouki (OG Characters are allowed)

[LEFT]Prizes & MVP Awards[/LEFT]
[LEFT]For each of the Four Heats (Events), players have a shot at earning points toward the winning the Grand Mystery Prize which will be awarded at the end of the $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING Season (Aug 31st, \HEAT4//). The player with the highest total points for CVS2, VSAV & A2 will be awarded with a mystery prize and will be crowned as the “2012 $killionaire Champion” for their respective title![/LEFT]


http://skillennium.tumblr.com/post/22622946802 <SKILLIONAIRE 2012 POSTERS>

The 2012 $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING season has something extra in store for the hardcores. . .

5v5 Team Poverty Exhibition

Ten players. Two teams. These Princes of Poverty will be pitted against each other to present to the people their prowess in some of the most piss-poor fighters known and unknown to the FGC.

Four Heats. Four, handpicked, best-of-the-worst titles displayed at a depth some would deem downright deplorable.

You thought you’ve experienced “cheap”. You thought you knew the origins. You thought the tiers were set in stone…Think again.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Tournament Fighters (SNES)
5v5, Pokemon Style Elimination (winner stays), 2/3 Games







…Poverty just got poorer.


I hope I can not have class on a damn Saturday so I can attend one of these god damn miracles.

I have more fun at this shit then all of Daiandoh’s tournaments put together :stuck_out_tongue:


in there like swimwear!! :eek:


Oh my god can ST please be a thing at Skillionaire? I will even help run it and it is a perfect game to add to the Skillionaire line up.

Also thank you so much for bringing this back!



Not that I’m not loving this otherwise, but we can’t get any ST?


That’s not your fault mind you, more so the majority of the communities encompassed by the games you run :stuck_out_tongue:


You can think of this as “the people’s tournament” but that’s not entirely the case here, guys. More time and planning has been put into production, presentation and organization this time around. As you can see, an original poster was designed for this, and other media aspects and tournament paraphernalia (checks, prizes, etc.) will put into play for the sake of the attendants (and yes, even the STREAMMONSTERSSS).

As a future note, we ask people to refrain from requesting we add in xyz game because this is not a “player’s choice” event and we have already committed to running $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING in a way we deem adequate.

Just drop by and have fun, folks. :woot:


Can I help somehow if I can’t make it?


CvS2 lives, Summer 2012.

2D fighting will never die!

I might even hop on A2. Thanks for running this!


You’re showing up?

Ok come on life isn’t fucking fair lol


We truly encourage the experts and enthusiasts of the respective games (including the poverty exhibition titles) to show up! Though all the Heats are on Fridays, we do hope the set dates will serve to be a leeway for interested out-of-towners.

We’ll be posting updates periodically via twitter and this thread.


officially hype:nunchuck:






Now where are all those people with the “I wish there was CVS and Vampire tournaments” at?


I’m in there


We got a while to go so its time to grind out these games


Living in other states. :frowning:


Stay sad.