[Jun 23, 2012] Iowa Monthly Series + FRAGfinity Weekend Event! SF, MvC, KoF, SFxT,... (Tiffin, IA)


It’s been a couple of months since we were able to do a tourny, and I blame that both on my own schedule and the fact that we’re knee deep in the Evo qualifier season. Now that we’re back, I wanted to kick it up and bring something a little special. That being said, we will host this monthly as part of

FRAGFinity X

FRAGFinity is a local LAN group that has been doing events for a while now. This is one of their yearly deals that is an all-weekend, free venue event. Best of all, they offer free prizes from their sponsors. For more information on the LAN stuff, visit the facebook link above as well as their homepage.

But you want to know about the fighters, right?

WHEN: June 23rd, 2012. Please note that the event starts on the 22nd and goes until the 24th, but our stuff is only on the 23rd. Don’t let that stop you from participating in all 3 days if you’re a LAN monster!

WHAT: SFxT, UMvC3, SF 2k12, SC5, KoF XIII, MK [all singles], and anything else you want to play. We have space for as long as we want, essentially, so we can run anything that anyone wants in addition to these listed.

Sign-ups start at 2 PM. I’m not expecting a ridiculous turnout, and since I have to drive a little ways as well for this, I see no reason to get everyone up too early.

SC5: 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then it’ll switch to 3/5 matches.
SSF4:AE: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
SFxT: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
MvC3: 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.
KoF: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches. [3v3 Team Battle]
MK: 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals, then 3/5 matches.

Finals are considered to be Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals. Double-elimination for all.

ENTRY FEE: EF will be $5 for everything. Pot split will be standard 70/20/10 [1st/2/3], although I may take the liberty to round numbers to make the payouts easier.

RULES: For the most part, I’m not a stickler on rules for these things, but please avoid doing glitches and whatnot. I wouldn’t want to have to uppercut people for being lametards. I did want to specifically address systems, though. Generally speaking, we’ll be PS3 heavy, but officially we’re going to do a mix. I know the SF crowd likes playing on XBOX and 3d folks like PS3. So, whatever is available is what we’ll play on, which means bring both PS3 and XBOX sticks or converters, if you play on pad. Anything else that pops up I’ll make a decision on at that time.

PRIZES/EXTRAS: As I mentioned before, they do have prizes at this event. Although there’s nothing specifically for us FG players, they are working on adding our expected attendance to the overall attendance of the event to try to get us some additional goodies. Even if they don’t, though, remember that there’s no reason you can’t participate in the LAN stuff and get in on some of those prizes. If you are going, please mark it on facebook; it helps the sponsorship cause. :slight_smile:

RANDOM NOTES: As always, if you can bring something, please do. Monitors are the best since they’re so fucking easy to move around and hook up. But, if you have extra systems/stick, please bring them.

Iowa: Maize of Defeat
Iowa: Maize of Defeat

Yo this is gonna be mad hype bringing my laptop for random lans and bringing a setup for casuals on random things.


Just a heads-up: The street address is 551, NOT 311. It’s at the high school, not the middle school. As soon as I figure out how to edit the event listing, I’ll get it updated.


Im a CCA grad. Does this home cominng mean i wont lose a single match?


That’s on you, bro. But, we should have a couple of MK noobs you can beat up on, myself not included.



  1. What’s the interest in a 2v2 Pair Play Mystery Tourney? (All games are either TTT/DOA-style pair play or Smash/scramble mode 2v2…and not everything involves a fighting game.)
  2. Do we have interwebs, and can we stream and/or record?

  1. I’m down.
  2. I will ask, but I would presume that we would since it’s a LAN based event, and everything nowadays requires you to be hooked up to the internetz. I’m just unsure if we would have access in our little room.

Also, the prizes I alluded to are simply door prizes. They might have some sort of sign-up sheet or something, but you shouldn’t have to go through any lengthy registration to be part of those.


What, you dont want to play?


I can play, but I was referring to new faces that should be showing up.


Alright, I was thinking about this today. Usually, I enter every game at most events you run, partly because I like playing everything and partly because I enjoy pissing you off by holding up 4 different tourneys by being in top 4 of each. This one won’t be an exception.

THAT SAID, this makes running a Mystery Tourney somewhat difficult as the only person who knows what’s being run (and, therefore, the only person who can set things up and make sure things are being run correctly) is, well, me.

SO. POSSIBLE SOLUTION. Would it be alright if I and anyone who wanted to enter the Mystery tourney shows up before 1:00 and start at 1:00? That way, we have most of that tournament out of the way (probably everything but top 4 at most) and you can start other games with other matches while the remaining people in Mystery are still duking it out.


That’s fine with me. I picked a 2 o’clock start time only because I won’t be there until about then. I can always give the folks running it the heads-up that you’ll be there early, and I don’t see why they would have a problem with it.


Fuck being sick. If I get sick during the weekend of this tournament I swear I’ll go crazy and eat butter until I’m fatter than Ted. Gah.


I would pay to see you that fat.


Bump since this is just a couple of weeks away. GET HYPE


Forgot there was an SRK thread for this.


Just a reminder to everyone that if you are planning on attending, please register on their site. It really helps them out.

Also, bought an ASUS monitor, so… yay!


assuming i can get a ride AND i don’t have to work there’s a chance i can make it.


Less than a week away. HYPE?!?!??!!?!?!?!


SO GUESS WHO’S SICK. :frowning: Feeling a little better today, but GODDAMMIT.


^Seems you get sick pretty easily. :frowning: