[Jun 24, 2011] East Coast BnB - SSF4AE XBOX LIVE Tournament - Prize: 20$ (XBOX Live (East Coast))



- Bières et Bastons / Beer and Beatdown -

  • Cet évènement hebdomadaire XBOX LIVE a pour but de rapprocher les différents groupes de joueurs du Canada et plus!
  • This weekly XBOX LIVE event aims to bring together the different players of Canada - and more!

Reward: 20$ (paypal) :slight_smile:

- NEW FEATURE! Stats! -
*** Statistics (click on name for detailed stats - more to come!): **http://gameplayfirst.com/sfloft/?page_id=775

- HELP US! -

Thank you!

- Registration -

Cette fois, nous n’accepterons que les joueurs qui se seront inscrits. This time, we will only accept the players that registered!

- Stream -

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sfloft (if Justin.tv is down).

- Format -
This message is to remind every entrant that the tournament will be tonight, June 24th, the tournament schedule is the following:
[]@ 18h00 (EST) – Stream is started, a private lobby is opened for casuals.
]**@ 19h00 (EST) **– Tournament is started. The new tournament format will allow for a loser’s bracket! J
Therefore, we ask you to check-in between 18h00 and 19h00 (EST) to validate your registration. See you on the stream’s chat: http://www.justin.tv/sfloft

Next, send a XBOX message to “Le Pepui” on XBL so I can invite you into the initial pools.

[]You can find the different pools here: http://bnb_1_3.challonge.com/
]Initial pools of four players are played.
[]The winners of each initial pools are sent in the WinnersPool. The 2nd place will go in the RunnerUpPool, everybody else go to the LosersPool.
]The winner of the WinnersPool will reach the Grandfinals.
[]The winner of the RunnerUp & LosersPool will reach the LosersFinals pool.
]The losers of the WinnersPool will join them.
[]The winner of the LosersFinals will go in Grand Finals.
]All the regular matches are played using the Tournament mode of SSF4. Matches are played as a best of five round.
[*]The grand finals will be a best of 5 games and played in a private lobby.
Here a chart to help you visualize the tournament’s flow:


As entrants, it is your responsibility to:
[]Make sure to have the tournament mode DLC installed.
]Make sure to have the Arcade Edition DLC installed.
[]Be present on the stream’s chat, so you are ready to answer the call.
]Send a message to “Le Pepui” on XBL (a friend request will also be accepted).
[]If it isn’t your turn, be ready at all time to join in (do not start ranked matches that could be interrupted).
]Stop the stream when you’re playing to reduce lag.
[]Make sure to have a valid paypal account to receive your prize if you happen to win.
]If you lose a first match, do not quit! The tournament isn’t over for you yet!
I am really happy to invite you to the second BnB and I wish you the best of luck! J

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask! J

Maritimes Thread 2011

Just to let you know that this week’s BnB will be held on **Friday **which puts the event on June 24th. Why? because of the St-Jean-Baptiste festivities that are held during June 23th! :slight_smile:

C’est juste pour vous aviser que le BnB de cette semaine sera tenu ce **vendredi **ce qui porte l’évènement au 24 juin. Pourquoi? Car ce sera les festivités de la St-Jean-Baptiste le soir du 23! Sortez et fêtez! :slight_smile:


I’m trying to register for it, but not too sure how thats going to go if its being ran from France. So can you confirm a few things like is it going to be running.


It is run from Quebec, Canada on East Coast. Not France :slight_smile: If you live on the East Coast (Quebec, Ontario, New York and things around there), you can enter if your connection is good :slight_smile:


Oh cool. Well I registered at least I hope I did since the site was in French. Well I’m on the east coast so I’m good and ready.


I confirm that you correctly registered :slight_smile:


im in thereee