[Jun 24, 2012] Bifuteki's Biweekly Beatdowns (New York, New York)


Artwork Pending

Come out this Sunday for our first ever, and hopefully not our last, biweekly tournament. The games that we will be running are SSFIVAE 2012, and UMvC3. $10 venue fee as well as a $10 pot fee.
[LEFT]· Signups begin at 4pm! BE ON TIME or you may not get to enter![/LEFT]

[LEFT]· Tournament is being held on Xbox 360.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]· Please bring your own controller wireless controllers are banned.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]· Tourney will be double elimination bracket.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]· All UMvC3 matches will be 3 out of 5 games, SSFIVAE 2012 will be 2 out of 3[/LEFT]



sounds cool, ill try and make it. what kind of venue is this?


Can’t make this one, but I’d definitely come out to the next one.


I’ll definitely make this. I hope this becomes a thing.


Next time, for sure.