[Jun 25, 2011] Golden Horseshoe Clash [Hamilton, Ontario] (Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 1C)


Main event Page
**Games: **Marvel vs Capcom 3 [Xbox 360] / Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition [Xbox 360]
12:00 PM - 1:30 pm = Registration
2:00 PM - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournaments Begin
4:00 PM - Super Street Figther IV AE Begin

Applicable Fees
Entry fee (per tournament): $10
Venue Fee: $10
Spectator Tickets* : $5
*= if you are just a spectator and you are not going to be participating you just pay the spectator ticket instead of the venue fee, you will also be welcome to play casuals once the event is over
**Prizes: **
1st Place = 70% of the prize Pot
2nd Place = 20% of the Prize Pot
3rd Place = 10% of the Prize Pot
Don’t forget to review the rules
Also you are responsible to bring your own controllers/joysticks because they will not be provided.