[Jun 25, 2011] NOM3 3rd Oklahoma Monthlies (BBCS2, Melee, Brawl, Arcana Heart 3) (Norman, OK)

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Melee, Brawl, Arcana Heart 3, BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 ( BYOC)
May 28th, 2011 (Saturday)
Norman, OK

Be sure and join the
Facebook Event
Contact Information- PM SolidusSpriggan!, or text Forest Sharp - 405 464 5348

BLAZBLUE WILL NEED SETUPS! If we can secure 2 more full setups that’ll probably be enough. That includes CS2 update and the 3 DLC characters.
**Due to higher turnouts than expected, we need equipment. Mostly TVS. If you have lagfree (Tube/CRT) TVs please bring them. **
If you bring a setup I’ll waive your venue fee!
Welcome to the 3rd round of Oklahoma Monthlies.
AKA The Norman Oklahoma Monthlies. Don’t think that we are focusing on Norman, these events hope to reach players statewide and beyond.
The purpose of monthlies is threefold.

  1. To improve our game in state and prepare for tournaments.
  2. Encourage an active scene of amateurs and professionals.
  3. Find a place for Air-dashers in the southwest/midwest.
    HxC is running Halo Reach 4v4 another part of the building, more info here:

Heritiage Room in the Oklahoma Memorial Student Union at the University of Oklahoma (2nd floor, location of OH SNAP 5! remember that?)
900 Asp Ave # 428
Norman, OK 73069-4849

The parking meters are free on Saturday.
There are many parking lots nearby one block away on street Jenkins and on Trout street.
Garage parking is $2 per hour
See map at bottom for building interior

Setup/Friendlies 11:30 PM
Regsitration Opens 12:30 PM
Registration Closes 1:00 PM
Tournaments Begin 1:30 PM (Arcana & BB after Melee Singles end)
Afterwards smashfest/fightnight at my place!

$5 Community Fee (Waived if you bring a full lagfree setup with TV, or a full capture setup.)
$5 Smash Singles
$10 Smash Teams (per team, $5 per player)
$5 Arcana Heart 3
$5 BlazBlue Continuum Shift II (Please bring PS3 setups with all characters unlocked)
(any tournament under 8 entrants will be round robin.)

Payout for all Tournaments
<16 entrants = 70/30
>17 but <24 = 60/30/10
>24 = 55/25/15/5
17-24, top 4 25+

Finally I’m putting in a plug for our August 20th regional: Super Bit Wars
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5 days from now. HYPE.
Really hoping to see some BBCS2 turnout. Bring BB setups for venue fee waiver.
Lets make it hot.

Still looking for Smash setups. Of course we have enough, but the more we have the faster this thing goes and the more matches people can get in for friendlies and whatnot.

A couple of lagfree monitors wouldn’t hurt for some BB/AH3 screens too. I’ll waive venue for those as well.

Texas Dustloopers coming up for some Arcana Heart and BlazBlue CS2! Hope to see Oklahoma Represent!

Is there not gonna be SSF4 or MK9 tournys there?

lol this is last months tournament, but yes to both games man

this is last months tournament
here’s this months [Aug 20, 2011] Super Bit Wars! SSF4: AE, MvC3, MK9, BBCS2, AH3, Brawl/Melee, Melty... (Norman, OK)

and the answer is yes