[Jun 25, 2011] "NY" SSF4 Arcade Edition Tournament! (Flushing NY)

Anime Castle Store
35-32 Union Street
Flushing, NY 11354

2 Playstation 3
2 FightSticks
Bring Your Own Controllers Please

Best 2 of 3 Rounds
Best 2 of 3 Matches (3 of 5 for Grand Finals)
Double Elimination

$10 Entry fee

1st Place - A choice of any game in our glass casing

Dude, what is up with prizes being a game and not standard pot split? (70/20/10?) Just charge a small venue fee ($5/10) if you want to make back some money on the event. It’s basically like, ok, come to our tourney so we can make money and even the winner gets screwed lmao.

Wow…LOL… But Yeah I Don’t Make The Rules Here… I’m Just Make The Post For People To Come And Have Fun At Our Tournaments For Anime Castle… Sorry Man

I don’t know why youre telling me “wow”, go look at any tourney thread and look at the breakdown of the pot…lol…so basically if more than 4 people come anime castle is killing it lmao…Bring back Aris (aka shutupman), he was the only person saving your guys events time and time again.

I’m Sorry Man…I Really Can’t Help What The Rules Are…

well you must be somewhat associated with the store, go tell them that this tournament is a joke

A choice of any game in our glass casing?? How upsetting

Saddest shit i ever seen

The replies above me speak for themselves brother. Since you’re obviously associated with the store, is there any chance you can get them to change the prize payouts to something more acceptable? I won’t be at this because I’ll be at ECT3 anyway, but the prizes are obviously stupid.

garbage! nobody will show up for this. Why even host a tournament at all.

Anime Castle, where first place gets a free gum ball from the machine outside

Make it 3 free games and we have a deal.

the tournament is today so go on by animecastle and join in on all the fun…

The tournament was actually a lot of fun, guys. I was never bored because the owners let you beat off to hentai in the back room between tournament rounds.

lmao what the hell…?

Your tournaments are pathetic

Wow. You should seriously reconsider the way you’re running your tournaments. You’re giving the store itself a bad name with this kind of setup.