[Jun 25, 2011] The New Pool Hall Brawl 2.0 6/24/11. Super Street Fighter IV AE (Spotswood, NJ)


Welcome to the new stage of history. This is the NEW version of the Pool Hall Brawl.

The Date 6/24/11

Garden State Productions Presents - The Pool Hall Brawl 2.0

The Venue is
Stix Billiards
491 Manalapan Rd.
Spotswood, NJ, 08884

Buy in $10+$5 ($10 to Prize Pool, $5 to the Venue)
Sign Ups + Casuals: 9pm
Main Event: 10pm
System: XBox 360
Game: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition BYOC (Bring your own Controller) NO RAPID FIRE NO STICKLESS ARCADE STICKS (Mods ok if approved)

If you want your venue fee waived you MUST bring a complete set up, This is a Non-Modded XBox 360 with SSF4 AE Disk or SSF4 w/ DLC on your HD and it must be approved by Me and or the owner of the Hall.

2/3 Double Elimantion Grand Final is 3/5 (All games will be set to 2/3)
Characters Banned: None at this time
Winner must keep same fighter but may change Ultra
Double Jeopardy Rules in effect (This states that you may not play the same person twice inless it’s the Finals)
Prize Payout: 70%/20%/10%

We have a nice arcade set up to, (In the Groove, Techmania, MvC2 Original Arcade and more) if we get alot of people wanting to play a tournament on the arcade machines we may run something.

Also we will be doing during Casuals a special event, a 4 man New Challengers event

New Challengers Event
Buy in: $1
2/3 Single Elimantion
Characters Allowed: Only people who where added into Arcade Edition (Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, Oni Akuma)
Winner take all

So if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at gsgtirpak (at) hotmail dot com or pm me here. And join us on the new stage of history


This is just SSFIV? I’m in regardless


any word on how many people will show up?