[Jun 25, 2011] The Tracks Tavern Demonic Donnybrook SSF4AE MVC3 MK9 AH3 T6 (Milwaukee,WI)

The Tracks Tavern Milwaukee,WI June 25th 2011 Demonic Donnybrook SSF4AE MVC3 MK9 AH3 T6

WHERE:The Tracks Tavern and Grille 1020 E Locust Milwaukee,WI
WHEN: Saturday June 25th 2011 Event begins 1PM Tourney starts 3PM
VENUE FEE: FREE that’s right I said FREE!
GAMES BEING PLAYED: MVC3 (XBOX360) SuperSF4 (XBOX360) Tekken 6 (PS3) Arcana Heart 3 (PS3) MK9
REGISTRATION FEE IS 10 dollars for MVC3 Super SF4 and Tekken 6 5 dollars for AH3
OTHER DETAILS: This is a 18 and up venue however if under 21 you will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. This is not my rule this is what management told me. Responsible adult does not mean a SRK member over 21 either. Again not my rule the venues rule. This is a B.Y.O.C.(Bring Your Own Controller) event. If needed there may be a stick or 2 able to be borrowed if need be. Registration is $10 for MVC3 Super Sf4 and T6 $5 for AH3. Event will start at 1pm Actual tourney will begin around 3pm this gives people time to get to the venue as well as time for casuals before the tourney. Casuals will be played after the tourney concludes as well.

ATTENTION: It is strongly recommended that you bring your own controller to this event. We can provide a controller if absolutely necessary. When we call your match you MUST be ready to play your match or face disqualification. This is to ensure that the tournament is run in a timely manner.

IMPORTANT NOTES: If you are under 21 and try to purchase alcohol at the bar you will be asked to leave and banned from attending future events here. If you are 21 and up and try to purchase alcohol for someone under 21 you will be asked to leave and banned from future events. Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Super SF4 and MVC3 will be ran on 360. Tekken 6 and Arcana Heart 3 will be ran on PS3.

RULES:It’s best 2 out of 3 matches. It’s double elimination and you have to win 2 matches against your opponent. Winner keeps the character loser can change characters and ultras. Prize payout is 70/20/10

Super SF4 is played 2/3 rounds Tekken 6 is 3/5 rounds. MVC3 is 2 out of 3 matches.

Winners, Losers and Grand finals are best 3 out of 5 matches.

I for one bow down to our new chinese overlords.

The twins, man.


I think this time we shouldn’t deal with the “let’s share 1 controller between four people” thing… it really held things up last time.

if you look at my post there is a section that says ATTENTION addressing this issue.

I’ll state it here again so people who may have missed it can see. I strongly suggest you bring your own controller to this event. We have a lot of games to run and if we call your match and you aren’t ready you will be disqualified. It is fine if you borrow someone’s stick/pad etc. but make sure they don’t have a match coming up by asking either Syxx or myself so that controller is available for you to use. This is to ensure everything is run in a timely manner. Controllers may be provided if necessary.

I’ll be there to play marvel again at this. I’ll think about Super, but I’m most likely gonna main Yun for easy mode, so we’ll have to see.

Ah crap this is the same day as the GGA tournament. I’m still coming to this though.

I’m going to attempt to drag some chicago players with me to attend this. Regardless, I should be able to make it that Saturday.

Awesome! The last one we had a good turnout. I hope more people come out this time seeing as AE was just released.

People please play MK! It’s a great game and I was disappointed last time we didn’t have enough people sign up to run it. Do people think I should change the reg fee for MK to $5? If that means it will draw more players I am not against it. Let me know!

5 bucks

Mk9 on ps3 or xbox? Should be ps3 if possible so we get the latest patches offline.

i’ll talk it over with the 2 people who play mk9 in milwaukee and see what they think

Christ why are you guys playing old ass Tekken 6 instead of a good game like mk9

Because there is a dedicated Tekken scene here and they come out and support the game. Which is more than I can say for the new MK. People were telling me “Yeah run it we’ll play it” then when it came time to do signups I think we had 3 people actually sign up for it. It will most likely be run on 360. It will be the patched version Tracks has WIFI so that’s not an issue.

MK9 for PS3? If so I’ll be there for that. I’m horrible at the game but I love drinking. :slight_smile:

someone would have to bring a ps3 for mk if they want it to be on ps3, i think that is the main issue. matt has both systems but i’m pretty sure he only has the game on xbox

I can bring my system + game, I don’t mind. I’ve never played on an xbox and think I’d be pretty useless with an xbox pad.

PS3 it is unless anybody objects I’m fine with it.

Get HYPE for AE!!! Also, D & D not Dungeons and Dragons or drinking and driving. Divekicks and demons will be abundant.