[Jun 26, 2011] --Gameworks Schaumburg: Chicago Grand Prix 1.2 6/26/11 (Schaumburg, IL)

Gameworks: Chicago Grand Prix
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

When: Sunday May 15th, with signups beginning at 3:30pm (pre-sign ups appreciated in this thread)

4:30pm- Tournament Start

Where: Gameworks Schaumburg- Upstairs in the Sky Bar

601 North Martingale Road # 115
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 330-9675

Gameworks, Schaumburg, IL - Google Maps

15 dollars covers venue and pot (50 / 50 split)
3:30pm sign ups
4:30pm - 10:00pm tournament
Double elimination singles tournament
Standard tournament rules---- best of three rounds, best of three games.
Winners, Losers, Grand Finals best of 5 games.

Pot split is 1st 70%, 2nd 20%, and 3rd 10%

Tournament will be held upstairs in the sky bar, two wall projectors that will be showing the matches for spectators. Underage participants will be allowed to stay till 10pm, if just spectating, sorry…

I’ll be there and will be bringing my laptop too!

I will probably be there just to watch for a bit since I’m underage for 10pm and up.

Well, that can’t be right. Still says May 15th :wink:

Most of you assholes better show to this tournament, as the scene looks like it might be getting some interest back in it. So stop stagnating and attend tournaments.