[Jun 27, 2011] Arkansas Armageddon (Bentonville, Arkansas)

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Northwest Arkansas Community College will be hosting the NWACC Gamers Association’s first ever tournament on June 27th and 28th from 5 pm to 10 pm. Arkansas Armageddon is the product of NWA’s growing population and the desire to bring together the area’s gaming community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come compete for prizes, have fun, and enjoy free food!


Venue: NWACC, 1 College Drive, Bentonville, Arkansas USA
Signups are being done over Challonge:
AE | MK9 | MvC3 | Tekken 6 | Brawl | BlazBlue | Reach

$5 will be collected at the door per event entered, 100% of which will go towards the pots for 1st (70%), 2nd (20%), and 3rd (10%). We’ll also be holding a raffle for a chance to win Ocarina of Time 3DS with results announced at the end of the event.

Given that it’s our first event, we can’t promise large cash prizes or boxers signed by Daigo, but we’re working in association with the Central Arkansas fighting game community and Glitch Con to provide a fun and professionally run event with plenty of competition. For updates and any schedule adjustments, keep an eye out on this thread and our Facebook page as late June draws ever closer.


Facebook Event Page

Central Arkansas should be there. I’ll tell other regions about it as well.

Wish I could make it, but this being on a Monday = a no go for me.

Will try to be there after work!

If not this one, what days/times would work best for your schedule for the next one? Would the 25th be more feasible? I’m trying to make the schedule (which has seen and will see more alterations) fit with the games you guys from out of town would want to play being later in the evening, but if not, I see no problem in rescheduling. Players ARE sort of important to a tournament’s success, after all.

youll need to check the event calendar … ive heard theres some much larger tournaments on that weekend of the 25th.

MWC is that weekend. June weekends are bad. Monday is great for me personally but I don’t really do anything.

Updated the first post with the finalized schedule and easier access to the Challonge signup pages.