[Jun 27, 2011] [NCBC] North Carolina Battle Coliseum @ CFG (Weekly Tournament... (Wilmington, NC)

Brought to you by Q&A. :slight_smile:

The ranking battle points would be pretty sweet actually. Like a “danisen league” or something to that effect.

I’ll miss the first one since I’ll be in Raleigh, but I’ll be a regular at these.

Only an hour and a half! I am spam bot.

Are these gonna be the only 3 games you’re hosting, or will it change over time, or. . . ?

Depends on interest. Being a weekly, and during the week, things will need to move a bit quicker. These are the three most popular games at the moment.

Any chance these could ever happen on a weekend?

This is awesome. I’m currently in Massachusetts right now, but I will definitely be attending these regularly starting with the 5th.

I can provide an Asus monitor and a PS3 if you have room for additional setups.

Also, can you make MK $5 like the other games? It’s only a difference of $2 and I feel like all 3 games should be of equal importance.

BBCS2 plz.

I’ll be there today. I don’t have an XBox stick tho. Will there be any available for me to use?

Oops, just noticed that it was Xbox. I can bring an Xbox instead. See you next week.

Doubtful, especially for the time being. I’ll leave EZ for the weekends. This is more so for those those who want serious weekly practice (ie can and willing to drive), and those college kids, waiters, bouncers, retail warriors, etc.

Good shit Justin! We should have additional room for an Asus. My good monitor is my living room TV also, so I can’t bring that and upset the lady. Other than that we have 3 CRTs but are definitely open for other setups in the future. How many though I can’t say because this is a smaller venue than Lucky’s.

I’m not totally sure on MK interest locally, but that’s definitely doable for the next one. I know you guys play Tekken also (and that can get a lot of college randoms), so that should be showing up at some point as well. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what the BBCS2 scene is like; maybe we can talk about that some today. I have my 360 stick and we also have Q’s and Angus’, not accounting for the locals, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Depending on who makes it from out of town and wants to session after, I may also set my lady up in a hotel and we can session here…

damn, i would go if i didnt live so far.

Wow you have a dedicated girl haha.

…you have no idea.

For those “too far,” get a hotel and enjoy the beach. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a plan. :tup: I wanna make it to atleast 2 of these before school starts.

I’m in there for rd.1!!!

Interwests! Byrd, can you make sure the locals know too?

And if anyone can bring any extra xbox sticks games or av cords justt in case. We should be good but id rather have extras.

shoot. i couldn’t come today due to my lazyness, but i’ll definitely make sure the locals know next week. hope the ncbc went well cuz i’m coming to it next tuesday.

i’ll bring an extra setup for any other games as well (dc, ps2 stuff etc) next time.

Wilmington, if you ain’t HYPE, then you ain’t hungry!

Results here! NCBC @ CFG 1.0 Results - June 27, 2011 - Wilmington, NC

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