[Jun 27, 2012] ReSe Weekly RanBats Season 2 & 3 (Charlotte, Fayetteville, Greensboro)

ReSe RanBats Season 2 & 3
Greensboro Charlotte Fayetteville

Rock’em Sock’em RANKING BATTLES (RanBats)

Featured Tournament:
Season 2: Final Round XVI
Season 3: EVO 2013
Bonus Major: Seasons Beatings

Big Al’s Pub
9242 Albemarle Road
Charlotte, NC 28227-2624
(704) 567-2333
Lucky’s Card Shop
3929 High Point Road
Greensboro, NC 27407
(336) 834-4644
Elite Zone:
1916 Skibo Rd # 332
Fayetteville, NC 28314
(910) 826-3661

Season Length:
Season 2: April – November
(April 4th for Charlotte, 5th for Greensboro, 6th for Fayetteville)
Season 3: November - June

7:30pm to 1am
**BE ON TIME PLEASE!! **We are running everyone in the brackets so we will have larger brackets and need to run on time.

Charlotte: Wednesdays
Greensboro: Thursdays
Fayetteville: Fridays

Venue - $5
Game - $10
Total - $15

If there are other games that people want to play then we can run them if we have enough demand for it.

RanBat Format:
We will only be running the 5 games listed for time issues. Instead of entering your game of choice the RanBat will consist of you playing every game (You don’t have to play every game if you don’t want to but up to 8th place gets a point so it’s in your best interest to play). You will be entered in each game regardless if you have played it or if you like it. Each game will have its respected points but will tally at the end for total points across the board.

This is to get everyone to play and/or try out games they would otherwise not play. We will also be coaching people as we play to help you better understand the game. I thought of this idea because some games get no love and very little people playing them cause of noninterest or money issues. Now every game will have the same number in it. You never know with the right environment it may turn out you like a game. Plus it gives those that take the game serious a chance to play people, even if it’s just a moving dummy for now but we will get better and learn.

Once a month the RanBats will rotate to different locations, meaning that one week out of the month your RanBats will be at one of the other locations. It will take place at the end of the month. There will be no RanBat that week in your city unless you are hosting the monthly. This will give everyone a chance to overtake each other in points. There will be a schedule for this so you will be able to make sure you have a carpool ready.

Ranking Battle Points:
The point scale will be cumulative, meaning that it will not be divided by game or location. All points from each game played will be tallied for a grand total.

1st = 10pts. 2nd = 8pts. 3rd = 6pts. 4th = 5pts. 5th = 4pts. 6th = 3pts. 7th = 2pts.
8th= 1pts

ReSe Tournaments:
Just being in the tournament earns you 5pts.
1st = 5pts. 2nd = 4pts. 3rd = 3pts 4th = 2pts. 5th = 1pts
This is for every game you play.

***You may attend another RanBat other than your home RanBat but the points will be different. **
Visiting Other RanBats:
5pts for attending.
You will not receive any points for winning any tournaments. However you have an opportunity to take points away from other players by placing. This gives you an opportunity to mess with the other locations points. In other words if you place 1st then you took away 2 points from the person who would have originally had 1st with 10pts. If you were to do that in each game then you could essentially take away a bunch of points helping you out in the long run.

*If you go to any other tournament, not weekly, then you will also be rewarded the same tournament point structure as entering a ReSe tournament.

Grand Prize:
Season 2: Final Round XVI
Top 10 get venue and entry fee paid for game of their choice and first choice on room and bedding.
We will have a minimum of 4 hotel rooms for 4 days and 3 nights, Friday – Monday.

Season 3: EVO 2013
Top 6 for the RanBats will get Flight, Hotel, and entrance/venue for 1 game. The hotel will be from Thursday – Tuesday. That is 5 nights and 6 days in Vegas. I plan on getting 2 hotel rooms so if more people want to go then you will only have to take care of the flight and entrance to the tourney, hotel will be taken care of.

Because the prize is only for top 6 I am planning something else for the rest of the participants. More on that when I get it all worked out.

Bonus Tourney**:**
Because of the gap from now to Final Round XVI we will be going to a Major in September or October, when ever Seasons Beatings is scheduled. I will get a few hotels based on how many people want to go, and that we can afford. Everyone will be responsible for the rest of the costs, venue/entrance, and expenses. The hotel will be paid for by the RanBats.

*If a player decides to quit or can’t show any more they will give up their spot in the ranking to the player below. This goes for all spots. If a player in the top 4 can’t make it then the next one in line gets bumped up and so on.

*I will get however many more rooms I have money for and the rest of the players will fill the rooms. The idea is that you will want to keep coming even if you’re not in top 10 to get a place in a room. I am hoping for additional rooms to bring everyone. We can fit 6 people in each room, 4 in the beds and 2 on the floor. That would be an additional 18 people going for 3 rooms. Again this is all dependent on how many come out for the whole season. I will announce the room situation when it gets closer to that time.

*ALL FIGURES are dependent on amount of entrants and subject to change.

*Every location will have ASUS setups after a month or so. I will be providing each location with said monitors for consistency reasons.

Sponsor Program:

I am going to start up the sponsorship program again; however it will be much more strict and selective. I would love nothing more than to implement the same program that I had in Charlotte but I will have to see that people want it. More on that later!!

The grand prize doesn’t seem like much incentive if all you can win back is the money you paid. I recall people misreading one of my flyers and thinking if they won they would just win their money back and were about to decline the invite until I corrected them.

Since this is getting near have you thought about which games you want to have?

I suggest Tekken for 1 game and I can bring a setup for it if need be.

It’s not the money they are winning back, it is so much more. They could save the money up and go by themselves if they wanted to but you won’t get the same experience as you would playing in a RanBat setting. Think of it like this; you could go to a cash payout tourney and just line the pockets of the winner, which is usually the same people every time, or you can come play for points where you will be able to get something out of it if you place in the top 12 (pending turnout). You see the difference there? Sure the top players will still be at the top but now others have a chance of getting a pay out at the end.

As far as games go I have 10 ASUS monitors and 6 systems right now so we will be playing whatever everyone wants to play. I am trying to get the Charlotte Tekken players to come out since there will be a scene for it here.

Did you just change the venue fee? I thought it said $2 earlier and I already handed out flyers with it on it.

Yeah I didn’t realize I put $2. I made all that info up before I knew what the fee was, forgot to change it. You did flyer’s for it?

Yeah I passed out about 25 of them today at school and hung 3 of them up around the campus.

I see. Well, “the price is wrong bitch”. Hahaha happy gilmore, love that movie. Nah but it is $5 entry fee to get in.

If you are going to make any print for my events you need to contact me before hand. I don’t have a problem with it but there may be things like this that can happen. I appreciate the promotion but I don’t want to get the wrong message out there. It’s all good though. I will take care of it if there is a problem with it.