[Jun 28, 2012] SoCal Street Fighter X Tekken tournament at the Perris Library in... (Perris, CA)


The Perris library will be holding its first SFxT tournament. It’s absolutely free to enter , so come on over and play to win!

PS3 version
1 on 1, Single-elimination, 2/3 games
All characters permitted
Random stage select
No gems
No infinites - game will be using unpatched launch version unless bug-fixing patch drops before tournament
2 standard controllers provided, fight sticks welcome - no macros or autofire

Wal-mart gift cards for 1st and 2nd place

To be clear, we’re keeping a close eye on the June 14th patch. This tournament will take place two weeks after the patch is released, so we will know by then if the new patch introduces any more game breaking bugs. If it does then we will be using ver. 1.00 (aka the fresh out of the box version). If it becomes necessary to use version 1.00, then this will result in us not having Mega Man or Pac-man available. This will probably not be too big of an issue, since Mega Man and Pac-man are not widely used anyway.

Naturally, if the patch fixes the game to a playable state, then we will have the game updated to that version and all characters will be available.

For more information call 951-657-2358. Hope to see you there!