[Jun 29, 2012] MK9 monthly (Prairie City, IA)


Starting up a monthly for MK9. MK is the only game that has generated any interest with the local players though more games may be added in the future.

Edit: SSF4:AE2012 has been added

Sign up ends at 6:45pm. Tourney will start at 7pm and continue until it is over.
PS3 Console
Bring your own controllers. I will have a few extra sticks for people to use if needed.
$5 entry fee and $5 venue fee (sorry guys no way around the venue fee)
Best of 3 matches, double elimination. Round robin tourney with less than 8 entrants
70/20/10 prize payout.

Rules: Kratos and Kratos stage banned

SSF4: AE 2012
Bring your own controller, i have sticks available as well (and one nearly complete for sale!!!)
best of 3 matches, winner keeps character but can switch ultra
double elimination. Round robin with less than 8 entrants
$5 to play. 70/20/10 payout or winner take all if less that 5 entrants.

Limit to 32 people since the venue isn’t all that big and the owner doesn’t think it he can have much more than that. Hope to see you there!

Iowa: Maize of Defeat
Iowa: Maize of Defeat

my brother and i are easily the biggest MK9 players in the CR/IC area and i can tell you its dying because most of them have no interest in it. however, we may be able to round up a small group to come play. it all depends. I’ll talk to them and see what i can do. How many do you think will be there?

Love me some MK9


I’ll be stopping out. Do you want me to bring out my 360 setup for some more variety? We can run side games on it, or use it for MK if some people have 360 sticks.


wow sorry for the late reply, i completely forgot to check this thread. Honestly i have no idea. There are like 12 people in town that are likely to show up, plus me, or maybe no one will show up cause people in this damn town forget things. SSF4 is going to be run since there is some interest, and i have to first to 5 atomic pif in it at least. Please show up and show us all how to play mk lol. We have 1 decent Kabal player, an annoying scorpion player, a kung lao everyone hates, and me who uses random select. Don’t expect top level play, but we will have fun.


I’m going to say yes though i’ll have to bring my moniter and hdmi cable for that. There’s only one big TV at the place (tested to be lag free, well less than 2ms so lag free for all intents and purposes) Someone will have to bring mk9 for 360 though. That shouldn’t be an issue since like everyone here but me plays on 360. They want to do ps3 so they can use my sticks. Send me a text or something later on. If i don’t respond it’s cause i’m sleeping for 5 hours after working a 12 hour night shift at walmart. see you tonight.


I’ve got MK9 for my 360 now, I picked it up after watching some people have fun with it at a recent event. So I’ll have that with the 360. I’ve been trying out Reptile or Kitana. I just don’t have much for extra sticks is all.


well Atomic beat me first to 5 in ssf4 (i think, wasn’t really keeping track) And no one else who messaged me actually showed up so we just played a bunch of casuals. well it was fun at least.


Fun indeed. And since I got my entry fee refunded, it made me feel like the big winner! Now I know how those Quaker Oats guys felt.


That’s Iowa for ya.