[Jun 30, 2012] Secret Warz Good vs. Evil - SF4:AE2012, UMVC3, KOF, VF (Littleton, CO)


Strike First Presents Secret Warz: Good vs Evil

Last chance to warm up for evo. Casuals will continue after the tournament so its going to be an all day event. Also featuring a special event of Colorado’s “Good” players vs the Evil(shit talkers etc). Bring your hype and help train up your comrades.

Where: Black knight gaming
Time:Casuals start at 11 am tourney at 1pm
10 dollars per game 10 per venue

If interest is shown in Soul Calibur or Skullgirls we may run those as well.

While Extrafresh.net (EFL’s main site) is currently undergoing maintenance, it will be back up soon. check us out at http://www.extrafresh.net

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