[Jun 4, 2012] CTF Ready for Action (ny, ny)


Deadly Bison Entertainment would like to announce the first scheduled event at the new world famous China Town Fair will be Monday June 4th from 8pm-12am - The event will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/deadly_bison - we have already confirmed CTF legends will be in attendance. It will be $10 admission - but you will get a $20 game card for all other games. Fighting games will be unlimited. SF4:AE, UMVC3, SFXT, and much more to be played. Expect prize giveaways and a ton of money matches, come celebrate this grand re-opening!


Yay, CF!


Oh hell yes.


Monday is the grand re-opening, see you there!


I will try and come to this, though I’ll need to bounce early thanks to buses and what not.


wait what?? so today was the opening?I was gonna go if I knew lol…


Meet the new CF…

…same as the old CF?

Get the rest of the photos here: http://smu.gs/KaYAye


why not bring back the cvs2 cab?

its a great piece of…history:eek:




CF needs a fresh coat of paint

if you didn’t get it then you are a fucking post 09er:tdown: